🎮 Bug! (Sega Saturn) Complete Gameplay


Bug!, from 1995, complete gameplay.

Developer: Realtime Associates.
Publisher: Sega.

Sega Saturn version.

Video shortcuts:

[02:07] Insectia: Scene 1
[05:03] Insectia: Scene 2
[08:38] Insectia: Scene 3
[13:31] Insectia Finale: Boss 1
[16:08] Reptilia: Scene 1
[22:29] Reptilia: Scene 2
[26:57] Reptilia: Scene 3
[31:48] Reptilia Finale: Boss 2
[34:53] Splot! Scene 1
[39:34] Splot! Scene 2
[43:20] Splot! Scene 3
[48:20] Splot! Finale: Boss 3
[52:17] Quaria: Scene 1
[57:02] Quaria: Scene 2
[01:04:42] Quaria: Scene 3
[01:09:24] Quaria Finale: Boss 4
[01:12:28] Burrbs: Scene 1
[01:18:50] Burrbs: Scene 2
[01:25:08] Burrbs: Scene 3
[01:32:17] Burrbs Finale: Boss 5
[01:35:41] Arachnia: Scene 1
[01:42:57] Arachnia: Scene 2
[01:48:33] Arachnia: Scene 3
[01:58:42] Arachnia Finale: Final Boss
[02:02:37] Ending

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  1. This was my favorite game when I was a kid! I’m sad that you didn’t include the little Daddy Longlegs cutscenes. I can’t find those anywhere! Would love to play this game again. I told my husband I may buy a pc with windows 98 just to be able to! 😆

  2. Good ol' Bug; A gem forgotten by time, underappreciated and misunderstood…

    …by far one of my most favourite platformers of all time, it's difficult beyond belief and its level design's absolutely magnificent.

    The sence of wonder and scale cannot be described, it's got to be experienced.

    Tully, the team behind Bug did a spectacular job in their approach to 2.5D; Every corner loaded with imagination and wonderful mechanics.

    Man, would I dig it if our friends at Sega went on to consider remastering this into a collection with the sequel added in, and have that draw distance expanded, along with HD rendered sprites of the original models and boom, bang, done!

    Either that or have remade! Allow the player to switch between the old and new engine… Although for that, they'd need a proper team redoing it, or else we'd end up with a cheap, sub par game, the like of the newest Panzer Dragon on Switch, a disastrous comeback done by people that couldn't even get the artstyle right, whose controls are poor and animation unrefined.

  3. I played this all the tine when I was about 6-7 years old and my dad never told me I could save my progress so I would always just keep replaying the first 2 levels over and over again 😂🤷🏻‍♀️oh well it’s still nostalgic

  4. Good game. But I just want to keep telling you to collect all the coins and other items to maximize points.

  5. How did this control? Never had it for my Saturn. Was it just a side scroller where you could go left to right, because it looks more multidirectional than that.

  6. my parents were divorced and i had a super nintendo at my moms and i had asked dad for a gaming console for christmas well i got the saturn and didn't even know what it was and the 3 games i got were bug, mega man x4, and world series baseball but i had so much fun with bug.

  7. That "Realtime associates" logo is the most quintessential 90's thing I've ever seen.
    If anybody asks you what the 90's were like: show them that logo and Rocko's modern life.

  8. I still remember the first time I ever saw this game. It running on a kiosk at Electronics Boutique at the Beaver Valley Mall. These graphics were absolutely mind-blowing at the time.

  9. I like the exploration element and maze like structure of the levels but the controls are too stiff given the number of well timed jumps required to avoid death. It just gets more frustrating the deeper you get into the game.

  10. The earliest game I remember playing as a kid. And judging by faint memories of most of the levels I wasn't bad at it either! But can we all agree we're weird for meeting up on YouTube to watch this? Lol


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