10 Craziest Controller Mods Ever Built


Gamers have made a lot of mods to their video game controllers over the years. From their xbox, ps4 and Nintendo switch upgrades – these are some of the most amazing mods you wish you could have!

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Controllers go hand in hand with gaming and have been a staple of the hobby for almost the entirety of its history. From dials, to paddles, to arcade sticks, and even motion controls, there have been a lot of ways to play a lot of different games. While most controllers today are pretty standardized, there are still some mavericks out there doing wild stuff with gaming’s most basic peripheral.

While some folks figure out how to make controllers more accessible and usable with only one hand, others make some wilder modifications; like adding a steering wheel to a controller for racing games. Then you have the truly bizarre hackers who figured out how to use a PlayStation 4 controller to drive their car! Although, they and you probably shouldn’t actually use a video game controller to drive your car as you go about your day.

Still, though, people are doing some truly incredible things with video game controllers and this video is going to take you through the best of the best. Some of these mods are totally impractical, but still unbelievably impressive. Other’s are so easy that you can do them yourself and companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft should probably look into making official versions of them. Either way, though, all of these controller mods are impressive and show just how creative and resourceful the gaming community really is.

Of course, after you watch this video, you’ll also be well on your way to joining the astonishing world of controller modding!

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  1. My brother built a LEGO pitboy by building a pitboy out of Legos and downloading a pitboy app and sliding his phone in. It goes on your arm too!

  2. Using a PS4 controller for a car . Wow I can't believe it actually works. I once had an imagination before as kid that we could use a PS3 controller to drive a car and my prediction that I made in 2011 was right after all .

  3. I'm glad they had a one handed controller cause alot of people in this world don't have both hands and i feel like alot of the companys don't think about everyone they just think about what type of people they think gon buy it

  4. Fr how can I get one of these Im not joking bruh I need you one of these someone tell me where I can get one of these

  5. 5:18 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, That's one of my Favorite Japanese🇯🇵 Arcade Game.


  6. Awesome now I can just 3d print my controller instead of paying 100$ to pay for one! Now all I need to do is buy a 3d printer!

  7. 3:45 SHUT UP TAKE MY MONEY. I am only 10 and I've been using a n64 for almost my entire life my fav game on it is legend of zelda ocrena of time


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