10 More PS2 HIDDEN GEMS – Awesome PlayStation 2 Games!


With over 1,800 games released for the PS2, there are lots of Hidden Gems to discover and here are 10 more:
PS2 Games Shown:
Seek and Destroy
Dual Hearts
Space Chimps
Asterix & Obelix: Kick Buttix
Project Snowblind
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction



My Video Gear & Equipment:
Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder :
Rode Shotgun microphone :
Audio Technica AT4033/CL (voice overs) :
STUDIO LIGHTS: Aputure Light Storm LS 1C
Headphones: Meze 99 Classics:

Computer: Apple iMac 27″ w/ Final Cut Pro X :
Elgato HD Game capture devices :

Background music by Metal Jesus Rocks and Ethan Meixsell

Nguồn: https://sangoivon.vn

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  1. What's up with Dole and in-game advertisements? Were they worried people would stop buying bananas? 😂

  2. who else here is a kid and loves to play games that aren't the games for toddlers. I like to play Street Fighter ex3

  3. I’ve always been a gamer and often bought the newest console but I always ending selling them and buying the older consoles again! There’s something about keeping the retro system and games alive. I bought a Dreamcast a couple of weeks ago and having been smashing deadly skies nearly every night! I’m buying a PS2 next so many absolute classics! Great video 🙌🏼

  4. One very underrated hidden gem on PS2 are the japan-exclusive Metal Slug 3D (2006). That game was great and nobody talk about it. So Sad😢

  5. Another great video…full of games I have either never heard of or played. I inherited the Hulk game from my son, but never properly played it

  6. You are the man metal Jesus 45 PlayStation 2 games collected many more to come you and Reggie helping me big time 🤙🤙🤙

  7. The Space Chimps movie was pretty hidden (though not a gem) itself – it came out the same weekend as The Dark Knight

  8. Jst tuned in & subscribed 2 ure channel, love hidden gems, gives me more 2 find & put 2 my collection. Scarface, warriors, rampage, resident evil 4 jst a few I'd like 2 mention.

  9. Now some of these may not be hidden gems; either way these are some of my favorites on the PS2.
    – Rise to Honour
    – The Getaway series
    – Spartan Total Warrior
    – Samurai Jack: Shadow of Aku
    – Shrek 2
    – Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer
    – Tak trilogy (especially The Great Juju Challenge)
    – The 2 Matrix games (especially Path of Neo)

  10. Nice video ! thanks !

    Can yu help me perhaps ?
    The Pac-Man game at approx 0:28 …
    Can you tell me the name and console it belongs on please ?
    I have been looking for that for a couple of months now and suddenly see a short clip there of exactly the game I used to play.
    Peter Lunk

  11. So ready for another video of ps2 hidden gems. Picked up a couple games today I've never seen! Under The Skin & Ruff Trigger.

  12. Kick Buttix/XXL is a game that makes you FEEL like you are in the ancient world. And the……. techno soundtrack strangely fits.


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