Welcome to Module #2! In the previous module, I focused on client-side JavaScript. This video covers the basics of server-side programming with Node.

We will begin building the Data Selfie App, a project tutorial by Joey K. Lee. This unit we will spend time getting setup with Node.js and our workflow.

🔗 Joey K. Lee:
🔗 Data Selfie App:
🔗 Node.js:

🎥 What is Firebase? (Database as a Service):
🎥 Workflow: Node:
🎥 Introduction to My Workflow:

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🎥 Coding Challenges:
🎥 Intro to Programming:

🔗 p5.js:
🔗 Processing:

Welcome to Working with Data and APIs in Javascript!

This course is for aspiring developers who want to learn how to work with data in web applications. How do you retrieve, collect, and store data?

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