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When you’re the flagship of the amazing Lexus brand, you’re held to the highest standards. Full-size luxury sedan shoppers have some pretty amazing choices. Here are five reasons the 2017 Lexus LS 460 will win you over.
Clever Technology
The LS has everything you’d expect from a top luxury sedan. Up front, there’s a standard massive 12.3-inch high-resolution multimedia screen. You can get 3-D navigation on this screen and even customize the start-up screen with up to 10 images. You can also go for an upgraded Mark Levinson Surround Sound system, which has 19 speakers and an impressive 450 watts.
Ride Quality
With a smooth and quiet ride, the LS certainly gives you that premium feel from the very moment you enter. Lexus gave it an 8-speed sequential shift electronically controlled automatic transmission. This isn’t a sport sedan, it’s a true luxury sedan. However, if you want more performance, go for the available F Sport trim level. Overall, the LS 460 delivers a comfortable, confident and luxurious ride.
Exceptional Interior
Once you’re inside the LS 460, you’ll notice that Lexus really gives you a high-quality premium experience. There is standard dual-zone climate, but opt for the 4-zone Climate Concierge. It takes climate control to a whole new level, and automatically monitors the temperature of all four zones. There’s a standard sunroof, but if you want a great upgrade, go for the exclusive Shimamoku Espresso wood-trimmed steering wheel. For those who desire the longer-wheelbase trim level LS, you’ll want the Executive Class seating package, which has a wood-trimmed console table and a 9-in entertainment system.
Impressive V8 Power
Again, even in F Sport trim level form, the LS doesn’t have sports car-type power, but the rear-wheel drive’s 386 horsepower has more than enough for any situation. Even the all-wheel drive (which is definitely worth the upgrade, by the way) has a solid 359 hp. Both the AWD and RWD come from a 4.6-liter V8, and the F Sport trim level test car had even more performance-inspired touches, like paddle shifters and Brembo brakes.
Smart Safety
Lexus offers innovative safety on all models, and the LS is no exception. The LS 460 offers blind spot monitoring and lane-keep assist. If you’re looking for reassuring innovative safety, the available Advanced Pre-Collision system can apply extra pressure to the brakes if it detects a possible frontal collision. It’ll also retract the seat belts, keeping everyone on board as safe as possible.
Autotrader Says
There are others that are more flashy, and others that are definitely more expensive. It’s time to experience Lexus luxury at its best and step into the 2017 Lexus LS 460.
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  1. Here is one reason not to buy it, my Lexus has problems before its first oil change… https://youtu.be/_ZbK5qMwzP0

  2. This model is really nice and high quality, but the new model (2018) will soon be available and it's beautiful and very modern


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