#52: LG G Pro 2 D838 [Review, Hands On & Benchmark]


LG has a hit on their hands. This 5.9 inch High End Oversized smartphone is a force to be reckoned with. HTM gives you his thoughts and opinions on this incredible device.

sit back and enjoy as the hood tech man gives you that good tech game.

HTM ran up in an AT&T to play with the new Galaxy S5, and recorded it for your enjoyment. Check the hands on and the Quandrant Benchmark score…

The HOOD Tech Man drops some prepaid wireless knowledge. He speaks on the upcoming AIO x Cricket Wireless Merger. But Mainly, in this video, THTM compares the AIO/Cricket LTE speed test verses a T-Mobile LTE speed test.

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  1. I live in Canada and I use the Bell network. What version of the G Pro 2 would work with Bell's cell frequencies?? Also, what version does not have the antenna, but the IR TV blaster built-in instead. Thanks!

  2. I want to buy a bigger phone like this G PRO 2 D838, sell on ebay new for $420.  I spent times to find the reviews see if it would works in USA  AT&T network, until I watch this review, don't buy this D838 version. I guess I have to wait for the US G PRO 2 version to come out. Thanks for the review ! is fun to watch too!

  3. That G Pro 2 shit rules man 🙂 I'm awaiting mine to be delivered and it's as you said, big phone for big man 😀 peace .

  4. hey bro, keep doing videos like this. After I REVIEWED this video, i laughed so hard, and got the information that i need…

  5. Finally made the switch coming from a iphone 5s to a S5. Samsung is coming up fast. Anytime I go inside a phone place its always someone messing with the galaxy's or HTC while the iphone section is left untouched. Never really was a fan of LG phones but this one looks alright

  6. yo hood dont wrry about the korean version, just wait untill united version comes out then just install the att version os on this phone and u r good to go u dont have to trade it for another one..

  7. I like the g pro 2 its between HTC and LG because I have seen a lot of Samsung phones which u said before but I like that phablet but there are somethings that will change over time good looking out on those new phones and the international ones also

  8. If Apple see that they can capture mass market share when it comes to phablets then ya, they will make one. If Samsung keeps going strong with galaxy sales apple will come out with a phablet. Apple is debating rather or not if they will release iTunes on googleplay due to loses in sales with iTunes. I think they should, google has googleplay apps in iTunes. Today's business model isn't always about a closed ego system anymore. The more access people have to your services the better regardless what platform your on. If I can make money on my platform and yours that's double coming in.


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