Played By: Ironclaw

Known as one of the HARDEST games on the Amiga. I only found the two first opponents really tough (the 10 first tries… then I learned the AI and the best way to use the whip… and the rest of the game + the two first opponents were easy.)

Not very long for a longplay, so I added some stuff at the end of the movie, like the moves for the playable chars, showing 2 death traps (there are more, but couldn’t be arsed) and showing the ninja.

I chose to play as the chick. She’s the weakest and most fragile one, but makes up for it with her whip (if used properly).

Sometimes after a fight, you get to play with and against the one you just defeated. The fight is at “The Teacher’s”. As I don’t care for the other characters and only wanted to play as the chick, I only gave each of those fights one try… so I lost them all, mainly because I’ve only played with the chick… but the game continues anyway as you can’t become “game over” from losing there.


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