Amiga Longplay Capital Punishment


Played By: Ironclaw

Known as one of the HARDEST games on the Amiga. I only found the two first opponents really tough (the 10 first tries… then I learned the AI and the best way to use the whip… and the rest of the game + the two first opponents were easy.)

Not very long for a longplay, so I added some stuff at the end of the movie, like the moves for the playable chars, showing 2 death traps (there are more, but couldn’t be arsed) and showing the ninja.

I chose to play as the chick. She’s the weakest and most fragile one, but makes up for it with her whip (if used properly).

Sometimes after a fight, you get to play with and against the one you just defeated. The fight is at “The Teacher’s”. As I don’t care for the other characters and only wanted to play as the chick, I only gave each of those fights one try… so I lost them all, mainly because I’ve only played with the chick… but the game continues anyway as you can’t become “game over” from losing there.


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  1. lol the samples used r so familiar, coz i used them too 😉 …composer had "The Prodigy" in mind, i guess 😉

  2. I have to agree, love the gfx and sound… gameplay is ok too but I will always be impressed with what they did to make this run on a vanilla A1200 with a 14MHz CPU. You couldn't make something this good on a 286 or 386 computer. Either way, yes why did they include her? Anyway the game got a parental protection thing and if you choose it during install you will not see her boobs.

  3. @Misel982001 Sure. Whole team is all well and more than alive 🙂 iOS is Apple Tablets and SmartPhone OS…

  4. @Misel982001 Do a search on Youtube "Xpectgames" – They released 1st game for iOS called Race After 1977 [I composed music for it] 🙂 Good old crew 🙂

  5. @Misel982001 Sure 🙂 Thanks 🙂 I am glad you like music 🙂 Take a listen at Psy Trance remix (search for "capital punishment rmx"), I've done last year 🙂

  6. @Misel982001 I am musician from this game from 1996 🙂 and I would like to explain why the game was insanely hard. Well, at that time, our boss was extremely good Capital Punishment player and he forced us to make extra hard game so HE can not be able to beat computer that easy. That ruined gameplay at the end…

  7. @psyjax Actually the technology just wasn't there for them. By the mid-1990's consoles were better at playing games, and PCs were more powerful (if only from a sheer number crunching perspective). I loved my Amiga, but the choices they made meant that even the A4000 was far too meagre in power… and there was nowhere else for them to move up to. Shame 🙁

  8. This is a pathetic game in so many ways. I remember on the maker's website (clickBOOM) they said they'd deliberately made the third character (the one in The Nest) the hardest in the game. What kind of idiotic logic was that?

    Never mind the outrageous childishness on having a female character like that.

    I'd be embarrassed to show this game to anyone!


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