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  1. Thanks. I also wanted to let people know that Avast Omni is out. So I hope they make a free license for that product, too. I looked it up on Google, and it doesn't have anything. So, I just wait for the free license key for Avast Omni.

  2. lol I already got a code that can work but I tried this then it got much worse hehehehe XD lolol I permanently reinstall again XD and I really need the cleaner cause the cleaner is useful I tried several time of that it really works 100% of my laptop's performance and not worrying but now im worried terrified that I happened it XD it makes worser when I get extra link codes not the code that Ive'd been taken but yours did XD. And I think im about to install your links cause it makes me weird when got terrified in lag especially I play high games like minecraft and 2gb games but my laptop is only 8gb and needed to control the background apps that are running

  3. I have blocked Avira on Windowsfirewall before installing but it still starts only the trial version. Is it because of the online install and not from a file like you did? The link is only for online install

  4. Had it on my pc for 5 min i noticed a huge drop in performance and looked at the processes to see it was eating performance up so i uninstalled it and my cpu was instantly and noticeably faster once again MY POINT is having avast is not much worse then having a virus on your pc i think i will stick with defender its not the best but at least it does not affect performance.

  5. Works great…thanks. How do I get the SecureLine VPN to work?. It keeps telling me that the country (or city) rejects the license file. Is there a specific country (and city) I should use? The virus scan is good until August 8, 2024.


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