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This is the Bentley Continental GT. The name is synonymous with luxury, extravagance… and price! With such a hefty price tag, the question is – can the new Continental GT justify the cost? Watch my latest in-depth review to find out everything you need to know!

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  1. Hi Matt
    I am a car fanatic from SA
    This is my ultimate BEST review, Bentley must give you a Bentley for this one cause I'm SOLD
    I just want to buy one now I AM IN LOVE WITH IT !!!
    I honestly think your reviews are the best out there you say and show us what we want to know,.
    I CANNOT understand why people will dislike your videos such bull . . . LOL
    Next time give a shout out to me lol JJ from SA Durban Montclair yeah

  2. Bentley: Good materials (inside)
    Range Rover: Not Reliable
    Toyota: Reliable, Buttons thrown everywhere
    BMW: Good Perfoemance, Ok-ish Materials inside.
    Audi: Hi tech

  3. Here’s the thing. I really love bentleys. They’re a staple of luxury cars and just look and sound incredible. But I don’t want to look like a wank.


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