Boris Johnson’s Condition Worsens & Wisconsin’s Pandemic Primary | The Daily Social Distancing Show


First a sprinkling of good news from around the world, then Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe moves to finally declare a state of emergency while British PM Boris Johnson moves to intensive care in his fight against the coronavirus, and Wisconsin erupts with a startling move to press on with presidential primaries despite the health risks to voters. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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  1. Oh wait, voting right isnt supposedly a voters rights in US? Guess what, Republicans learn a few moves from China to prevent voters from voting.

  2. Humans are the real problem on the Earth, not all of them but some are.

    They fucked the Planet now Planet is fucking them back.

  3. The shyt a circus, which is a dam shame and disgrace after watching and living through the color lines they so openly flaunt. A reset is definitely needed, the clown bragad needs to be stopped.

  4. Seven fucking million subscribers and trumps ratings still have positive approval i mean are YOU FUCKING PEOPLE SUICIDAL a fucking ape could have handle this pandemic better than trump and you stupid fucking asses still think he has YOUR best interests in mind fucking hell you honestly deserve the misery your going to live through its just a fucking shame my child has to grow up in a world you fucking people had influence over

  5. To the people saying “these pictures of the environment without humans shows that humans are the virus” um no indigenous communities have lived in harmony with the earth for thousands of years. An economic system that thrives on being wasteful is the virus.

  6. Delhi's pollution level rises in winters due to certain anthropological activities and geographical conditions. You are comparing images of India Gate in winter to with the one in Summer. Sure pollution have decreased due to less human activity. But in Summer India Gate looks normally like it is looking right now. Moreover India is not limited to Delhi only. Large part of India are mostly pollution free. The problem of pollution is limited to certain parts in North India during Winters. Indian summers though hot but are not polluted and grey looking skies like this video shows initally.

  7. So funny how Americans people making fun of trump saying his stupid etc . Are you guys forgot his vote by the most of American ??? Who’s stupid here ? 😜😂😂😂

  8. Glad you caught up with the way to make it funnier without all the staging personnel being present. Very impressive.

  9. Previous background looked so much better, it was bright and clear. This new background is visually more messy.

  10. The Republican Party and rightwing groups have worked for years to solidify their hold on power at every level of government by cheating young people, minorities, and other likely Democratic voters out of their right to have their votes count.

    Very soon, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide on two cases that will determine whether the cheating can go on, or whether the government will enforce a more level playing field in the 2020 elections and beyond.

  11. You can pictures of new Delhi regularly like that

    Showing a worst day scenario picture against a good day isn't news it's fake news

  12. UK should give Covid a raise for giving some blessings after the unfortunate harvest of the other UK folk. Maybe US will get lucky too.

  13. The Whole Covid19 is Bull Shit
    The Government is taking away our right to work and socialize
    When people are together we are stronger
    1st they legalized Marijuana to make people paranoid then they hit us with a fake virus.

  14. Coronavirus-
    Dec 2019- lets get chinese food!
    Feb 2020- I'm sick of chinese food ! lets try other Asians food!
    March 2020- hey guys there's a buffet all you can eat open 24h called America!!

  15. Hey Wisconknight here we did a drive thru to city hall for our votes, McDonald’s drive thru had nothing on us 😂

  16. Sadly, I doubt COVID-19 will stick around even in the summer, look at Mexico and everyone else around the world near the equator they have it, the Summer will be the south's winter. So… keep hoping it won't make it better.

  17. I have Japanese friends telling me that since they normally follow cleanliness rules and maintain social distance so they don't really need a lockdown. Infact yesterday they said that the schools in areas that aren't in the list of cities PM Abe mentioned are functioning normally. Hi from Delhi! 🙂


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