Bratty king Lee Min-ho and tough detective Kim Go-eun | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 2 [ENG SUB]


How do you interrogate a suspicious person who claims to be a king from another world? With a healthy dose of skepticism, some creative name-calling, and a whole lot of patience. Nice try getting her to call you oppa though, Mr. Kim Dog Poop.

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  1. Not sure why everyone is complaining, I love this Drama, even with all the confusion because we're still learning about things as the start progresses.

  2. I would love to see a female officer who is intelligent and only uses viloence as a last resort like with a gun or other weapon in self defense i hate seeing unrealistic exchange of small women over powering larger men. Why we still doing this in 2020

  3. If some people complaint about the chemistry..cause they feels like stranger to each other but in fact it still episode 2, and in this drama they do still in "stranger" what people expect a lovey dovey scene already 🤔

  4. Naaahhh! Min Ho is lovely but the female does not appeal to me. Together, they feel like Ice Cubes: No Chemistry. She's trying too hard. He appears bored.

  5. This has sad ending written all over it because he will have to return to his universe regardless…so they will be separated 😭 he might find another her in his universe. But she won’t meet the other him in her universe cuz he was already murdered by the uncle

  6. The plot is so similar to another kdrama lee min ho played himself … 😐The girl was a doctor in that one.
    I can't recall the name of that drama.. But why they are losing their creativity

  7. There is no chemistry between them. She's no match with Lee Minho. Hope his next leading lady in the future project will be match to him, he deserves better with a better actress. I suggest Lee Se-young can pair with him.

  8. Lmao people have started wondering about the ending scenario even tho its only 2 EPs in.
    Obviously it will be a sad ending. They are from two different worlds.


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