Budget Etpark Handheld Games Console with 400 Classic Games (Famicom)


Hand hand games Console that played surprisingly well through TV with the ability to have simultaneous 2 player game play (Game allowing). Timestamps below as a long video, wanted to show off the game play of the Famicom system when games are done good and bad!

00:00 Review Start:
45:00 Final thoughts:

On Screen 2.9″ Gameplay

05:30 Teenage MNT
07:40 Nuts & Milk
08:45 Super Mario Bros

Game Play Through TV

11:39 Wonder Boy – (Adventure Island)
13:40 Bubble Bobble 2
17:26 Double Dragon II
20:00 Donkey Kong
21:45 Galaxian
26:25 Nibbles
27:09 Robocop
31:10 1942
33:35 Lode Runner

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Waterfall Aakash Gandhi
1940’s Slow Dance Sting Doug Maxwell
Ella Vater The Mini Vandals

DaVinci Resolve 15 by Blackmagicdesign used for Video Editing

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  1. Check the time stamps in the description if you don't want to watch all of this extra long Video!
    I was enjoying playing the games on this hand held as the game play is good on the famicom when the games are made right 👍

  2. What consoles or handheld games can this play also can you download more games and does this start with pokemon

  3. This looks really fun. For €20 at my local store this seems to be a must buy! I was considering to get like a game boy or something, but I think this is amazing for the price.

  4. I love how Chyna absolutely never follows copyright laws and we get the buy whatever cheap knock off we want to

  5. Hi.. I have difficulties with the remote control for double player. I plug in the wire remote to my game, but nothing happen. No function at all. How can I fix it?

  6. You've got a new subscriber! These little handhelds are my favorite hobby and I love learning new things!


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