Caleb Shoots with The iPhone 11 and Moment Lenses – Why You Still Need Them


Grab a case for iPhone 11/ 11 Pro 👉
Download the Pro Camera App 👉

Check out the Momentist article to see all the photos👇

Special shoutout to Randall, Major, Jeff, and Ariana for helping out ❤️
and thanks to the kind folks at OneWheel for sending us the Pint 😘

Testing out the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 with Moment Lenses. Apple gave us an awesome camera on this device and by simply adding some Moment lenses you can take it to the next level. We are stoked to be shooting with this phone + lenses.

* Prototype case was used in this video. Not a final version.

Other gear used in this video
Freefly Movi 👉
Joby Gorillapod 👉
MePhoto Sidekick 360 Plus 👉
OneWheel Pint 👉

All Music From Musicbed 👇



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  1. Is it a good idea to install a tempered glass protector on a iphone11 screen & then put on a Otterbox case that already comes with a screen protector? Would the screen respond as it should?

  2. Did not understand the reasoning on why the moment lens does not work on the camera. Totally confused.

  3. Agreed. The ultra wide lens that comes on the iPhone is sometimes cool. But it degrades the photo quality so I rarely use it. Also it distorts the picture naturally because it’s so wide

  4. Any chance you'll make a case with an open bottom? I have a Shure MV88 mic that wouldn't be able to fit with the cases you have now….

  5. I am interested in possibly starting my amateur hobbyist adventures with moment! I also have the dji osmo 3. Does your regular wood grain case fit this gimbal? Im working with the iPhone 11 Pro max

  6. Hello Guys, since I new to this ,photography and video shooting just for fun, I am wondering if you could help me pick a brand, I don't know what the brands are out there. Help please.thanks

  7. Does anyone know what camera they used to shoot this video? An iPhone with Moment lens or something else? External or internal mic? Thanks =)

  8. Very curious to see how the anamorphic is looking on the new 11pro tele lens. Or is it best to leave it on the main camera? just bought the 11 and wondering if i should have bought the pro.

  9. Great video! I love your lenses, I have all except the macro, (soon) and they work beautifully on my iPhone11 pro max. So regarding RAW, what app would you recommend for processing RAW? So far I haven’t found any good ones for the iPhone. This includes Lightroom and raw power, Snapseed is ok, but no noise reduction option. Any info would be appreciated.


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