Canon 24-70 f/4L IS vs Canon 24-105 f/4L IS – Fight!


We take the new Canon 24-70 f/4 IS and put it up against the existing 24-105 f/4 IS to see if the new 24-70 is worth the upgrade.
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  1. For that vingetting on the 24-105L I have peripheral illumination correction enabled on my 5D Mark II and that fixes the problem. On your Mark III all the more should have been possible. I loved your review for budget conscious users like me! Thanks.

  2. Wait, you said this was a 'rental lens'? That's probably why the hood and rings are loose and it's out of focus, it's probably been dropped a few dozen times.

  3. You should try that lens on a crop sensor camera and see if it’s just the full frame camera .. I don’t have this problem with a crop sensor camera .

  4. youre very repetitive..saying same things over and over..waist of tome to watch your video..advise be quick and simple..if people want to hear it again they can rewind back..

  5. This Lens by all accounts is a sharp lens, its close image quality is not its strong suit. I'd try getting a Barn or building to shoot your sharpness shots against. Standing on on sandy hills on a windy day with L Glass offers you no cred….#learningcameras

  6. I found the "macro" setting on the 24-70 to be pretty much pointless unless you buy a ring flash, you have to get so close to the subject, and forget shooting anything living. Whilst it's sharper, it's hardly night and day, and it's a shame that so much hyperbole about relative sharpness. Both lenses are fabulous performers, and in the real world good IS and fast enough shutter will have more effect. Both are noticeably better than some of the third party lenses, but I didn't see the point in spending more for such a small improvement. That extra reach is the difference between getting the shot or not, if you have to change lenses.

  7. Who are you trying to kid that you can place a definitive result of 100mS difference on a test that is triggered by your eye!!!!

  8. is i'm going to replace my kit lens on rebel t6i ? would you recommended the 24-70 or 24-105 f4l for me? it's going to use for everything. Thanks first for you opinion

  9. Hey, so what is your opinion on the 24-70 vs the NEW 24-105?

  10. Canon 24-105 is ideal for travelers. Not very ultra wide not very telephoto. I would like it to have image stabilization. Image stabilization compensate for the f/4 disadvantage. Of course with F/4 the potential for bokeh is small.

  11. Hi Dan happy new year! My question is that: between 24-70 & 24-105 which best lens can i use in wedding video when i use 5d mark iii?

  12. Im looking to purchase this lens within the next 2 weeks. Is the Canon 24-105mm a great lens for concert photography???

  13. Great video, I recently sold my 135L because the chromatic aberration was so bad. After this review I'm leaning toward the 24-70 just for this reason. Nowadays you can get the 24-70 f/4 for around 900 bucks new.

  14. Really love the comparison Tom between the two L series lenses. When the 24-70 f4 came out it was a lot more expensive and frankly I struggled to understand why you would pay more for what appears to be a lesser lens than the 24-105mm . Cheers for the review and drop in if you should ever find yourself in Australia

  15. A bit late to the party, but you must have had a bad copy.  Mine is pin sharp and the lens hood is solid!

  16. At about the 00:55 sec. mark of your video, you state that the 24-70 focus ring is easier to turn and maybe loose, whereas the 24-70 is stiffer. Which is it?

  17. I cannot disagree with you more on the lens hood. The new push a button to release Canon lens hood is far superior to the old held in place by friction design. Canon finally caught up with Nikon on the lens hood mount! Nikon lens hoods have been the push button to release type for years! Same goes for the lens cap. Canon is finally using the center pinch design that Nikon has been using for years. It is about time Canon catches on.

  18. very bla, bla, bla where the comparisons in practice? This rather help me to decide to purchase …. next Review now …

  19. You must have a bad sample.  I dumped my old 24-105 which came with my Canon 5D MII 3 years ago, and bought the 24-70 f4 IS.  I love it.  It is lighter than the dinosaur 24-105 and has better color and contrast, not to mention it is sharper, especially to the edges.  Very noticeable edge sharpness especially when I use it at 24mm.  I did not find my copy to be soft at 50mm.  I could not see any difference on my copy of this lens.  If I shot video (which I do not) I would have kept the 24-105 since it does have a nice range.  However, the IS on the 24-70 F4 IS is much better than the 24-105.  The 24-105 did serve me very well and was my workhorse. My pal Rodger who bought it from me is very happy with it. I am sure it will serve him well like it did me.   However, when I saw the difference in sharpness, color, and contrast, I knew it was time to upgrade, especially since the price dropped quite a bit and I paid $999, but am expecting a $200 rebate from Canon, which brings the price to $799.    This 24-70 f4 IS is almost as sharp as the better ( and super expensive)  24-70 F2.8.  I saw tests with both of them and it held up very well against the 24-70 F2.8.  I was not willing to pay $1000 more for one stop of light since my 5D MII shoots very well with ISO settings such as 3200 and 6400.  Using a program called Topaz DeNoise cleans the noise out of the images entirely.  However, I shoot alot outside and always try for ISO 100.  I note blue skies look fantastic at ISO 100.  To make up for the loss of zoom in the range from 70 to 105, I bought the Canon 135 F2, an incredibly sharp lens with mind blowing bokeh at F2.  Also, I just picked up the very sharp $150  40mm Canon pancake F2.8 lens which makes street photography a pleasure, not to mention it is so small, light and inconspicuous. 

  20. The photos you show with the lack of sharpness definitely look like focus issues, not stigmatic unsharpness. I would send it to Canon, and I suspect they could fix the issue. 


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