Canon 35mm F2 IS Lens


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The Canon 35mm F2.0, image stabilized lens is a unique offering in prime lenses. The key aspect of this lens that makes it different is it’s image stabilizer (IS).

I’ve been wanting to test out this lens for quite awhile because it has a lot of the features I would look for in a lens for shooting DSLR video. It’s compact, not too heavy, well built, has a decent sized focus ring, a larger aperture for low light shooting and shallow depth of field, wide enough focal length for a crop sensor DSLR and IS for handheld shots all in a price less than $600.

This could be a great first lens considering all the things it offers in a single lens. That said, a zoom lens may be a better choice if you find that you need multiple focal lengths especially if you need longer lengths for shooting video from a distance.

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*Gear used to make this video:

Canon 35mm F2 IS
Canon 70D DSLR camera
Linco Flora Easy Softbox kit:
Sennheiser ew100 G2 Wireless Lapel Microphone
Transcend SD card 16 and 32GB Class 10
Sigma 30mm 1.4 ART (new, better version) B&H: Amazon:
Manfrotto 701 HDV Tripod (discontinued) Amazon replacement:
Manfrotto 394 Quick Release Plate and Base
BlackRapid Camera Strap (not my model but close):

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  1. Limitation of f/2 not happy
    When you go wide the F factor decreases (means aperture opens)

    This should be at lowest cost as cheap as possible

  2. Maybe you could get Brian Williams to provide commentary for the video at the end of your review! You know "…guided by the beauty of our weapons"?

  3. Your reviews are super helpful. I eventually got my hands on the 35mm f2 and I found it to be super versatile for my travel and street needs as well as run n gun filming! Uploaded my own review too. I agree, the main thing is the Image Stabilisation, such a killer!

  4. I was thinking of getting the 30mm 1.4 but I think this would be the best choice for me because it’s stability thank you so much!!

  5. Ray I'm buying a 80D is there a wider one – say 24mm equivalent – or will I be able to hand hold at that length. I use FF at the moment I can hand hold in video at 24m at that focal length.

  6. Thanks Ray, I wish someone would take the videos with ambient sounds. I would like to "hear" the lens. I am interested in recording the life around us, not just music backgrounds

  7. Hi Ray!
    Nice review and this is very timely, because i was looking to get one!
    What's your opinion between this 35mm and the sigma 30mm 1.4 ART? (I just saw that you got one, in the gear used to make your video!)
    It will be really great to know, if both are approximately same and also i heard lot of bad things about the front and back AF focus on Sigma lenses mounted on Canon DSLR, who aren't really resolved with the sigma dock unfortunately..
    Keep up the great work and thanks in advance.

  8. hi, great video thanks. I have a crop camera and at the moment have 50mm 1.8 stm but want wider lens for indoors. would you recommend 35mm IS usm or 28mm Is usm? I will also be doing videos here and there. thank you

  9. Great review! I really enjoyed watching your video….A) it was informative and B) you kept it short and simple. Now I'm really geared towards buying this canon instead of Sigma's version and even more likely to buy this over the L series 35mm. Also I think this an EF lens as opposed to a EF-S lens. Sigma's mount for Canon bodiies specify whether it need be a full frame or crop APS-C. ….. I think.

  10. Great stuff! New Subscriber! Ray, I am a dentist and we like to shoot video of procedures for teaching and documentation. We have a T4i and 70D. Currently we have a 100mm Canon 2.8 Macro lens for our still images. What would you recommend for the video? We are investing in some nice tripods so we can have shots mounted stationary. Your thoughts appreciated.

  11. Anyone shoot with this lens on the sony a7s?? It's sharper than the rokinon 35mm cine as well plus has IS which seems like it would pair very nicely with the a7s.


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