Canon 50mm 1.4 USM In Depth Review


Canon 50mm 1.4 USM In Depth Review with Sample Images & Video
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Gear I use:
► Canon 80D-
►Panasonic GH5-
►MacBook Pro 15inch Retina-
►Rode VideoMic Pro
► Sigma 18-35mm F1.8-
►Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L-
►Manfrotto Fluid Video Tripod-

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  1. Thanks for this lovely tutorial…i love that you are using a Canon 6D for this…thats my i get to see the exact results

  2. I have the 50mm 1.8 that I paid $50 for and can now buy the 1.4 at $130. Would it be worth it to resell the 1.8 and buy this one. Im on a DSL2

  3. This lens is the best value for money offered. It would be extremely cool if they offered a newer up to date version 2 of this lens I'd buy it immediately

  4. I have a question about the noise of the motor while focusing, I have the same lens but I have noticed it’s kind of loud when it starts to focus.

    I noticed at 2:08 your lens sounds kind of like mine. Would you say yours is somewhat loud in autofocus?

    I don’t use mine for video so the noise doesn’t really matter but I’m afraid of being in a museum or something I have this loud ass lens trying to focus lol.

  5. You’re forgetting that this lens is compatible with a multitude of Canon EOS 35mm film camera’s before digital. Including the Canon EOS 1 series from 1989-2000.

  6. how old is your piece? i got mine new from 2017 , on f1.4 it sharp and almost no ca and not soft at all. my camera is 6d.

  7. Hey great video thanks for the upload. I just bought one for a backup. Is it normal that the focusing ring is not that smooth? Feels like paper on paper when turned off cam. Thanks for any ideas/tipps

  8. Great image quality if you stop it down. It's too soft wider than f2. My advice is to buy a cheap lens hood and never take it off. It can break if you set it face down. $100 repair. I can't recommend this lens now that there are many other options on the market. Not at the current price point.

  9. Really great lens…. But… I really think you can't beat that nifty fifty, the value is too good to go with it. Nevertheless, it's still a better lens. Great video

  10. The 1.4 is good on FF, but on APS-C the new 1.8 STM is way sharper and has less chromatic aberration. This lens at 1.4 is less usable than what the 1.8 is, but it’s actually quite old now. I really hope that Canon will upgrade it, maybe featuring it with IS (like the 35)


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