Canon RF 70-200 f2.8 IS REVIEW vs Canon EF 70-200 2.8 IS III | Worth the Price?


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The Canon RF 70-200 2.8L IS completes Canon’s RF Hebrew Trinity.  This version is smaller, more compact and lighter than previous models.  I love how small it is and that it doesn’t have to lay on it’s side to fit in my roller bags.  But that smaller more compact size comes with a trade off.  That trade off is the barrel now extends opposed to being internal zooming.  Is this a HUGE deal…not really, it’s just different than before and has left some people worrying how it will hold up over time. 

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  1. Canon is crushing the LENS game right now!!! Can they get out Pro bodies to pair with this killer glass soon???? I think 2020 is going to be interesting for Canon for sure.

  2. Great video….the new 70-700rf looks amazing…which one you could recomend for macro photography? 70-700rf or 70-700ef? Thanks …your Brasilian fan😎

  3. Right before we jump into this video, I'm going to smash that skip forward 5 seconds button about 3 times real fast LOL

  4. Surely you can see the difference between 8 and 9 blades when you close the aperture for some sunstar, all about aesthetics, but there's big diferences, and one of the reasons I'm leaning towards the RF or the f4 version. Other than that, really nice!

  5. The EF isn't a 70-200 on the EOS R, its a 112-320. So it can be a different lens, depending on how you use it. But for most people it is different than the 70-200 RF.
    Great video.

  6. Given the price difference and what I use, I'd be going with the EF glass because with the adapter, it's compatible with everything Canon. However, I'd be picking up the f/4 IS version. Used.

  7. The RF 70-200 f2.8 IS mechanically reminds me of the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM DO IS. That EF lens was about the worst lens I have ever owned. It had a lot of issues with optical quality, but the thing the made me sell it, was that is was creeping. Tipping the lens up or down not holding the zoom ring, made the lens move. Pointing down = zooming in, pointung up = zooming out.
    THAT was creepy – pun intended. Nightmare on a tripod.
    Before you consider buying this new RF lens, I would be very careful to test it out, for not having this "creep" tendency. Remember to put hood and filters on, when you test. Do you see the slightest creep – don't buy it. It will eventually drive you nuts.

  8. A very interesting video. We wish you success. I am Mahmoud from Sudan. My dream is to be a photographer, but I do not have a camera and I have no income.

  9. If im using this for video, I THINK the EF version would be better… especially if I have to be balancing the camera on a gimbal or something when shooting tight shots

  10. On the subject of the lens collar… I actually kept it on the RF but not to use as a tripod mount. I like carrying it around in my hand via the tripod mount of the lens collar. I’ll use it as a grip when walking with the camera or shooting with it. But I agree it’s unnecessary.


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