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Capital Punishment is a street fighter style beat-em-up game for the Amiga, with four playable fighters, including one in some rather unorthodox attire. This is a request by pacbilly made on my 64 subscriber special video.

Despite good reviews, I found this game to be somewhat bland. Perhaps there is more to it than I found, so let me know if I was missing something.

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Capital Punishment on Moby Games:

“Overlooked Oldies” is a series of let’s play videos of retro games that I somehow never played back in the day. Many of them will be suggestions made by subscribers, particularly on binary milestone request videos.

Intro music is from the classic “cracktro” by SCoopex. The full version can be heard and seen here:


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  1. omg the start bit where you were getting pissed off with that alien and he was just about impossible was so funny xD

  2. JimPlaysGames, you say the game does not impress you? Do you say that every time you don't manage a game? LOL

  3. I don't get all the hatred towards this game. One of my personal favorite fighting game of all times. The graphic is still good to this day, and the characters and the "Fatalities" in this game made it quite interesting if you ask me

  4. What I like about this game is the moving shadow, moving light, moving parts in the packground and so on. Very smooth scrolling and the sound is ok. The playability sucks though and why have that chick in there? During installation there is a parents protection that you can activate and you won't see her boobs. Just silly.

  5. This was hyped so much. I remember actually feeling sort of left out because, at the time, I bought Fighting Spirit instead of this. But as cheesy as it was and as much as it tried to be as Japanese and Street Fighter as possible, Fighting Spirit was a decent beat'em up and had many more features than this. It was also geared towards players of varying skills.
    If you want a good fighter with nice AGA graphics, rather look for Fighting Spirit.

  6. @laffer35 yeah, and even that is lost years later when the graphics are outdated. I don't even like the graphics in this. Even the tits don't look right. Too melony 😛

  7. Tried this one out in WinUAE some years ago, and I fully agree… it's not very good.
    I think part of the reason is it's one of those very late Amiga games, where the focus often was impressing you with nice graphics and such, while gameplay was often lacking.

  8. @TheEPROM9 yeah the lack of music really seems to contribute to it's blandness. But the graphics are nice. Good artwork on the melons 😀

  9. @pacbilly haha thanks, I decided not to play with her again because I didn't want to spend too long doing that. It was fairly time consuming, but I thought it was worth it for the gag 🙂

    Apparently the game got good reviews at the time, but I just didn't see anything great about it. Thanks for the suggestion though, was worth it just for the melon gag if nothing else 😀

  10. @slenkar ah cool, I just looked it up and it looked familiar. Then I noticed a related video about a game called Body Blows Galactic and had a massive nostalgiasplosion. I remember playing it at a friends house a few times, but had forgotten about it. I'll definitely have to give that a go. Thanks for reminding me of another game that I ain't played in ages 🙂


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