Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave Breakdown the Craziest Fight Scene in Extraction | Netflix


Chris Hemsworth and Extraction director Sam Hargrave, a former stuntman, breakdown an action-packed fight scene from their new film.

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Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave Breakdown the Craziest Fight Scene in Extraction | Netflix

A hardened mercenary’s mission becomes a soul-searching race to survive when he’s sent into Bangladesh to rescue a drug lord’s kidnapped son.


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  1. THe only thing that is not ok for me is something little. The way Nik acted on when she is going to shoot the bazooka on that helicopter is not natural.

  2. The movie was great but I don't know why they added that crappy orange filter??? They usually do that for India, Arab and African countries.

  3. Personally I feel the movie could have done a lot better if they didn't use that nasty yellow tint the whole time 😕

  4. First, of all, I really like the movie, and I watch it. BUT one thing is hard every Bangladeshi fan of you @Chirs_Hemsworth. That you didn't make the movie in Bangladesh at all. You just use only the drone shot of Dhaka. I had really a high expectation that you came to Dhaka and shot a movie. but you didn't. and there is not a single sense that makes me feel the location is in Bangladesh. You go inside a house, and they are playing Hindi song, not Bangladeshi song. off of the road in the movie is not shot in Bangladesh. but you give the name in Dhaka. I am really disappointed that this movie is not giving me a single feeling that is there anything in Bangladesh. this is not fare.

  5. Honestly, as a Bangladeshi, I love the storyline, but the scenes don't seem like in Dhaka, more like some place in Mexico and Africa.. and there are no kids in Bangladesh with guns.. historically and factually😅.. Dhaka is very different from what is shown in this movie..more Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And Bangladesh is one of the most peaceful countries in Asia, like Canadians in North America.

    And all the actors are Indians, their Bangla and even English accent are not how Bangladeshis speak.

    The most sadest thing for me is that how many Bangladeshi people had to die just for 1 Indian.. in many way it shows how much ego Indians can build up and look down upon its friendly defencless neighbours. I wish there was at least 1 international movie where Bangladeshis aren't critised, shown as the bad guy, or brutally killed.. and it's true beautiful and modern scenes are shown.

    But hey, that's just my opinion..

  6. I really love this movie. I don't know that it needs a direct sequel, but I definitely want to see more done by this team in this style. By far the best Netflix original movie I've seen.

  7. I just watched this film and wow, it's so good. It's a combination of John Wick's one-men-fight-everyone style, Punisher's brutality, and Daredevil's long shots. I loved the car chase scenes! Epic. The best camera work was that slick car chase scene where the car came drifting from the other direction and towards the camera where the camera then glided through the window in the backseat. That was so smooth.
    Overall, super action-packed, high-intensity stunts, and surprisingly emotional towards the end

    Cinematic gold! It's a 9/10 for me. Absolutely great film.

  8. Before making this movie you should have known about Bangladeshi culture and their accent. just Asshole. we respect your country so you should have done the same

  9. Why are we not seeing Randeep Hooda in any interviews with the director/producer?
    His performance is just as good as Chris Hemsworth..

  10. At 1:28:11 of the movie when Nik picks the bazooka you can actually see the green screen behind the van window ..

  11. This movie showed Bangladeshi defense force connect with mafia drag dealer but it's not true. Beautiful country Bangladesh showed badly by this movie towards world. Shame on Netflix.Director has no idea about Beautiful Bangladesh.

  12. Chris Hemsworth is very popular in Bangladesh too. But it'a a matter of sorrow that we, the Bangladeshis have shocked extremely after watching.."Extraction"..!!…This fake Dhaka city is not mine at all. All are mis represented…!! Though a movie maker has a power to creat many unreal things for making fun, action fiction etc. but has no right to humiliate a country with wrong information, no right to show so cock and bull-story about our law, defence, police, children, language as well as our culture….


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