Classic Game Room – ZONE OF THE ENDERS review for PS2


Zone of the Enders review. Classic Game Room reviews ZONE OF THE ENDERS for PlayStation 2 from Konami released in 2001. Robots, space swords, explosions and some awesome gameplay, Zone of the Enders for PlayStation 2 from producer Hideo Kojima is a rockin’ game that was an amazing release for its time. Zone of the Enders has mech-action game style controls where you fly around, lock on to targets, shoot missiles and melee attack with a rad space sword! Known commonly as ZOE, this game starts the series which has a cult following and has since been turned into a Zone of the Enders anime series. Zone of the Enders video review on PlayStation 2 shows ZOE gameplay on PS2 from the original 2001 Konami release, Zone of the Enders (soon to be in a Konami Zone of the Enders HD collection)


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  1. Can anyone help me find the name of the game where a young boy is running and finds his parents and sister tied up together who get crushed by a giant robot. I think one comment was made from his sister saying, "it's all your fault". After they get stepped on by this giant mech you see blood coming out underneath the robot's foot. Please someone help.

  2. I think im one of the few ppl that like this series before I like metal gear. if it weren't for ZOE I probably would have never touched mgs. im glad I did though both series are my favorites. I always felt zoe1 was incomplete and thus I was a little bummed by the ending but then zoe2 came out and I was blown the fuck away. it was WAYYYYY better than I thought possible. zoe was a good game for its time.

  3. Man… ZoE isn't cheap or easy to find here in Australia. It's a cult classic over here so original copy of the game goes for about $120 and the sequel goes for about $150. And there aren't many places that sell the PAL version

  4. I just bought it yesterday and so far the story is VERY derivative since it does and says every single thing you'd see in mecha anime. Not just that, the combat is REALLY repetitive (seriously at least Dynasty Warriors had combos), the backtracking is annoying as hell, and the subweapons, besides like 4 or 5, are utterly useless or are so inconvenient that you'll never use them. And I haven't played the 2nd Runner and it looks like I'm not going to because of that shitty framrate >.>

  5. yea i dont know what gives i tried to save after the first little battle i guess you can only save it up in the way high sky area

  6. cheers for reply mate, I will try and clean the bugger, the disk is fine and no damage done, kinda bugging me since I want to play it without doing a speed run for a day. 🙁

  7. i just got it and man it wont save it just goes to browser there is a save on the card but the game wont see it to load ps2slim

  8. If they gave the budget for that they'd have probably just made a sequel. People tend to have lower expectations graphically for re-releases anyway.

  9. I bought this game for the PS2 in Sweden for $2 when I was 8 years old.. So strange, didn't know that this was such a huge game… xD


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