Zone of the Enders review. Classic Game Room reviews ZONE OF THE ENDERS for PlayStation 2 from Konami released in 2001. Robots, space swords, explosions and some awesome gameplay, Zone of the Enders for PlayStation 2 from producer Hideo Kojima is a rockin’ game that was an amazing release for its time. Zone of the Enders has mech-action game style controls where you fly around, lock on to targets, shoot missiles and melee attack with a rad space sword! Known commonly as ZOE, this game starts the series which has a cult following and has since been turned into a Zone of the Enders anime series. Zone of the Enders video review on PlayStation 2 shows ZOE gameplay on PS2 from the original 2001 Konami release, Zone of the Enders (soon to be in a Konami Zone of the Enders HD collection)


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