Country Justice – WR Speed Run – (08:46.162)


Originally intended to be a single-segment but foiled by rampant crashing, I present to you the segmented speed run that it never deserved: the infamous craptastic Country Justice ~ Revenge of the Rednecks. It consists of two segments that are split at around 6:18 (the most crash-intensive loading screen in the game).

I skip around 60-70% of the game, so be aware that there is much more bugs… errr features that this game has to offer. I would suggest you watch Vince Emerson Media’s video on this game for a full appreciation of what this game entails. Normally, I would cut out the loading screens in my runs, but I believe that it is truly part of the Country Justice experience to watch them Mwha-Ha-Ha!

Some of the things I do in this run are not very obvious, so feel free to ask questions in the comments! You will notice that the timer stops during the loading screens, this is because they are very inconsistent in length and should be disregarded in the timing of the run.

Country Justice was made by Silverfish Studios, LLC. If you would like to try this game for yourself, I would recommend looking at The ISO Zone.


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  1. All the radio music in this game (and the one on the main menu) reminds me of the stereotypical country music you'd hear in one of those Texas Steak houses.

  2. This game makes me sad…

    This game had so much potential in my eyes, a game where an evil scientist wants to bring a new world order through mass pollution of the water on earth…but the main antagonist just wants his goat back…

    The jokes, dialogue and story just writes themselves…like the game has this dry-grand theft auto-esque humour to it…

  3. In my country someone reviewed this game, as he does to other shitty games like this, that was his content, and he obviously filled them with jokes and memes.

  4. So much map for so little gameplay, makes me wonder what the original vision for the game was like.

  5. Wow, your driving skill is so damn awesome, especially in this… buggy game 🙂

    PS. I actually enjoy those country musics, am I abnormal?

  6. Живу в деревне я давно забытой,
    Гоняю на своей "Ниве".
    Пугаю девок жопой я небритой,
    Они хохочут и бегут ко мне
    Интересно жить в деревне:
    Тёлки,водка и угар.
    А теперь я словно долбоёб
    В машине меж забора, бл*ть, застрял!


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