COVID-19 update, April 24: Singapore reports 897 new cases, bringing tally to 12,075


Singapore reported 897 new cases of COVID-19 on April 24. It’s the first time in five days that the daily number is less than 1,000. The country now has a total of 12,075 infections. Majority of the new cases are work-permit holders staying in dormitories. 13 of the new cases are Singaporeans or permanent residents — the lowest-single day number of local cases in two weeks.

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  1. The CCP Virus news is getting quite boring! How about telling us something about the upcoming general election??
    Like how Singaporeans will be shortchanged by the PAP again? Or, like how the Opposition will be short-circuited this time? Etc. etc., etc., ….
    But no fake news please!!! Thank You!!

  2. The lesson from the MRT debacle is : Appoint an effective leader to be in charge if you want to solve a serious problem quickly. The G4 team has no such leader. Treating the COVID-19 as a PSLE for G4 has been a disaster to Singapore's brand and pride.

  3. See la..too much talk and too much sweep under the carpet. Now jia lat. Some more GE coming don't blame Singaporean don't vote you. Hee…good the 👋 bye

  4. At the rate of 1000 infected cases per day, and with about 250,000 foreign workers liivng in dormitories in Singapore, projected 4 months of corona virus related illness through to AUGUST 2020, assuming 50% of the work permit holders will eventually be infected with COVID-19. (125,000 / 1000 = 128 days. (26th Apr – 31 Aug)

    Assuming 15 SG / PR infections on a daily basis, the grand total of infected cases by the end of August could be extrapolated as follows:

    a) Accumulated infected cases as at 25 April – 12,075;
    b) 26th April – 31 August – 128 days;
    c) 128 x 1000 = 128,000 infection – foreign work permit holders living in dormitory;
    d) 15 x 128 = 1,920 Singaporeans and PR;
    e) Grand Total = 12,075 + 128,000 + 1,920 = 141,995 people projected with COVID-19.
    f) 3% Death rate of 141,995 = 4,260.

    The ostensible COVID-19 daily figures are given so as not to cause any unintended consequences.

  5. If all of us could just stay at home, and go out only when necessarily, in short time we are able to recover fast. Medias and Governments should continue to press on by sending strong messages across in Singapore. Is not difficult to stay at home in fact i enjoy staying at home working instead of going to office and see my boss face.Nevertheless this pandemic have to lift up so that all of us can continue with our daily life routine.

  6. Our numbers are up due to rigorous testing, like our essential workers to be tested next and then the wider population. Once we test everyone, we can more adequately “open” up and contain further spread.

  7. PAP did it again by allowing the virus to spread widely in Singapore. As a result of their incompetence, Singaporeans are losing their income, jobs, livelihood, freedom, and many more. Singaporeans must pay the price for the failure of the PAP government. PAP is no longer the party it used to be. PAP today is self-serving and incompetent. Do not vote PAP.

  8. With this infection rate how to expect the extension to be lifted…

    People are going nuts with the current extension with a lot with no jobs due to virus, have high rents or debts to pay and some i heard commit suicide

    Just have a look at this example


    This local eat grass and nobody give a damn…

  9. I love how this virus blows the lid off of every dirty secret that every country has. You can't sweep your foreign worker force under the rug, Singapore. The virus is tiny and will find it's way through every tiny crack ;D This is a good opportunity for introspection. Why does a highly advanced country have workers, no doubt underpayed, living in such cramped conditions?
    corona facepalm

  10. Accept it . Around 30~40% labors in clustered dorms already got it . So u test 2,500 cases per day , 35% get infected the number is around 800. 40% get infected the number is 1000.
    & even u are cured u may still get the virus again, means the infection rate in the dorms probably won't come down & will maintain 30~40% always , means maybe there will be no herd immunity .
    If the virus doesn't disappear by itself ,expect more & more lockdown.

  11. Seems like this is the task force strategy now, to test as many of these migrant workers as possible, segregate those infected for treatment and hope they recover soonest. My question is after all those confirmed infected workers are recovered, where will they be housed? Back to their cramped dormitories or some of them will be asked to return to the home towns?

  12. The government changed the cases reported from just two categories (local community cases vs imported cases) to three categories (local community cases vs work permit holders residing outside dormitories vs work permit holders residing in dormitories). So it appears that the "community" cases in Singapore are stable?!!!

  13. Hello? Is No One Responsible in anyway ? Hello?? If local transmissions outside dormitory is low and lower each day , why the extension?

  14. Just look at the numbers infected per million people(First in the WHOLE of Asia)😊😊😊 and still counting until 2021 or beyond
    🐑Sheeps🐑(PAP supporters) led by the Shepherd(Lee Hsien Long)to the 🔪slaughterhouse🔪 😊😊😊

  15. What a disappointment day! Singapore needs more than 1k plus of cases to maintain our position in top 5 in Asia! C’mon Singaporeans!! Let’s play our roles here.Japan is our target now..we can’t let our number to decrease below targeted projections to fall behind and let other countries taking our spot! Really disappointed with you all! Keep the cases above 1k and we will overtake Japan! I’m furious with your willingness to get infected! Go out and spread the virus now!

  16. Little improvement, still much higher than any Asia countries !!! 93 days since 1st case. Exceed 12000. Dont know what the Task Force is doing for the past 93 days ?????🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️


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