Dawn Patrol (1994, Rowan Software)


(DOS version) Having simulated modern-day planes with Flight of the Intruder, and World War 2 with Overlord, Rowan brought World War 1 to life in this flight simulation. It is structured around an illustrated book with pilot biographies, all of which modify as the game goes on and events unfold. 150 missions are featured, each with fully inter-linked briefings. There are 13 different fighter planes to fly, both Allied and German (Fokker Dr.I, Fokker Eindecker, Fokker D.VII, Albatros D.I, D.II, D.III, Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a, Airco DH.2, Sopwith Pup, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Triplane, Nieuport Scout, SPAD VII).

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  1. I was thrilled to play this game as a kid.. never got the sound to work tho.. after I was able to get my hands on a copy of red Baron, played it only to check for joystick compatability

  2. This god damn game gave me Neuiport ptsd as a kid. I will always think of that fighter as being so fragile that all it takes is like 4 7.62 rounds to shoot it down. Even into my adult life, years of Rise of Flight, I still see the Neuiport as a super fragile aircraft. Even when it clearly isn't always so. Damn you Rowan. Damn you.

  3. I remember this game fondly. The graphics were stunning for the time, and it had some unique features, such as the first implementation of what we now call a padlock view. Unfortunately, it suffered from a simplistic flight model and lack of a real campaign. It only had canned scenarios, most of which began in flight. Once I played all of them, the game lost much of its appeal. Still, not bad for 1994.

  4. Thanks for this video of this great game. I'm sorry it doesn't work on my computer now, or I'd be playing it still.


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