Drako Gameplay Runthrough


Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now…
A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Drako.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Extended Gameplay

Part III: Final Thoughts


Hey Everybody! Today Paulo Runs Through “Rahdo’s Goofs”

If you find Goofs I didn’t notice Please leave Timestamps 🙂

Thank You

18:55 Decides to take 1 hit and 2 seconds later forgets that and discards one card to block the hit he already took!! Oh Richard Richard!!

Nguồn: https://sangoivon.vn

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  1. Great review – Though I had a hard time focusing on the board. A band-aid would have helped considerably.

  2. Looks fun. Slightly unfortunate that the health tracks are on additional boards (ie- table space), while 3/4 of the main board goes unused.

  3. Neat looking game! I'd feel bad about killing that cute dragon tho 🙂 OK, maybe I'd feel bad only for a minute or two.

  4. So, at the 18 minute mark, why would you not use the flying card to get to the other side of the map. Would you not be out of the way of 2 of the dwarves, therefore be safe?


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