DRAMAtical Murder Installation ENGLISH PATCH Update


This is the updated tutorial my last one had clips in the wrong order.

Original written instructions-

zip file opener-
Rar file opener-
torent download-
Daemon tool light-
Game Link-
English patch-

if these links are unfound in the future then it must have been taken down.

Sequal DRAMatical Murder Reconnect –

ATTENTION for anyone getting a dx3dx9_42.dll error you need to follow this link and install it

Nguồn: https://sangoivon.vn

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://sangoivon.vn/game/


  1. The zip thing is way too much for me. You may need to make a video explaining it more because I got so lost there.

  2. Hi. I'm having an issue opening up the game. After I got all the way up to actually opening the game and the black screen appears for a couple seconds and then disappears. I'm not sure what I did wrong with the instillation. I thought I followed everything in your tutorial but something is wrong since it won't open for me. I'd appreciate some help solving this. I really want to play the game.

  3. hello !
    don’t know if you know the issue however it’s worth a shot

    i’ve had this game once before, as well as reconnect, and togainu no chi – i also have lamento which still works !

    however, upon trying to reinstall dmmd i always seem to run into the same issue whether it be with the newer quicker tutorials or the older ones like these that still involve torrents..

    the eng crack application always disappears randomly, and it can be at any time during the installation

    i’ve once gotten as far as completing the installation to where i launched it and was all good to play it when it suddenly crashed and disappeared once more— i’m not quite sure whats happening?? nor do i know how to fix it since this has been an ongoing struggle for approx. 5-6 days now 😬👏

  4. hey i have a problem, i actually already have the game downloaded but i had to move the file from one computer to another, and i moved over the whole nitrochiral folder which was the folder that had both dmmd and reconnect, but i wonder did they get corupted? or is there a way to bring them back??

  5. trying to do the installation in win10. followed the instructions but when i start the game get a black screen for a few seconds and then nothing

  6. What if at the last step (dragging "DMMd_crack_for_ver110" into DRAMAtical Murder folder) application opens but it closing itself few second later? What should I do?
    I changed language, region and even time!

  7. Question can we switch back to United States after so we can play or we have to have it on Japanese to play??

  8. I love this game so much! Anyone needing to scream about dramatical murder with someone do not be afraid to contact me. I Would enjoy chatting.

  9. Is this safe to download. I don't really wanna take my laptop to a tech guy and seeing I've tried to illegally download harcore yaoi

  10. Do you think you could do an installation on Togainu no Chi from Nitro+CHiRAL? I have it downloaded and everything but I’m having issues on other things in it as well so I was thinking that maybe I forgot to do something

  11. So after getting a new pc, I followed the tutorial and the thing with the black screen still happens to me.
    It opens and closes immediately. I changed my locale to English, restarted, changed it to Japanese, restarted and nothing fixes this.
    I am so tilted omg

  12. hey so I got the game correctly downloaded but when I open the game , it makes the game window open up to where half the screen is cut off , it’s like stuck in full screen, any help on how to fix that ?

  13. I can't hear you at all 🙁 also the physical game link on the written instructions doesn't seem to be working anymore

  14. I did everything exactly right and I still get the problem with the black screen that disappears when you click on the game crack file. I was able to install it on my old computer but am having trouble with this one it seems…I wonder what's wrong. Can you help me?

  15. im sobbing rn I've done e v e r y t h i n g in this tutorial, set my locale to japan, added the crack and the update….WHY IS FATE DOING THIS TO ME )))))))): the black screen just pops up and crashes when I click the crack vers. :(((((((((((((((((((((((( I've uninstalled and re-installed multiple times what else can I do??


  17. Hi, i have a problem so when i opened it. It just shows me the license thing and idk what to do and ive looked in the video
    but i cant find anything that can help ;-; have any ideas how to fix this?

  18. Is this not available on Mac? IT's the only laptop I have…. I do have a Windows but that one is a family one and… I really wouldn't like my parents or siblings to find this game…😂

  19. hello! i have a quick question.
    i was perfectly fine up until the actual installation of DMMD with the Japanese instructions. i came to the part where you said the button on the lower right corner was cancel, my screen wasn’t running it/downloading; it just kinda froze there.

    any suggestions on what i could do? i’m gonna try to redownload the patches/videos but anything you can think of?

  20. THANK YOUU—- I DID IT CORRECTLY- NoW I CAN FINALLY PLAY WITH MY FRIEND- : d d may god have mercy on your soul , your my savior tysm… i'm gonna cry ;;;;

  21. I was wondering if uve seen dance with devils or played either of the psvita games. They’re also Otome games in Japanese only and was wondering if u knew a download and English patch for them like dmmd re code?

  22. please help!
    i'm not sure but winzip isn't working, instead it downloaded in one of my stack applications
    also in winzip its telling me to turn on my "IE" setting or javascript

  23. So I was trying to get on the website for dramatical murders for me to download it
    but sukebei.nyaa.eu isn't loading??

  24. Ummm…. I have question… I followed your tutorial (everything even japanese local and restart computer) but everytime I try to run the setup to download the game. It gave me options to Start/Uninstal/Exit and when I press Start, It just ends the setup and nothing happened… Could someone let me know how to Install it?
    (Sorry for my bad English, it's because I'm ftom Czech)

  25. awwww man, I had it in English but theres a scene where aoba puts on his headphones and has a dream and is woken up by the bird, it reverts back to Japanese text!

  26. 10,000 likes! I’m on windows 10 so I thought my region thing was different cuz it didn’t ask me to reset my computer but then I tried to play it but it just crashed, turns out I didn’t click administrator, after I did it worked fine. I used 7zip on patch folders but mine were named differently so I tried doing what you showed, didn’t work, so re-extracted and got different names, idk how that worked but it did.

  27. The programs you had me download to open these also downloaded malware viruses onto my computer
    So like
    Now i'm fucked

  28. I'm on the step @ around 29:15 and I can't seem to get to properly unzip the patches… @ 30:08 it shows the two unzipped files turn into file folders… meanwhile, mine looks like this: https://ibb.co/hB8o2c


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