Elon Musk Will Not Be Fired From Tesla for what he just said about Tesla Stock Price


Elon Musk will not be removed as Tesla CEO in my opinion. Many people have asked me with what he said if he would. I think no way! This is why… We will look at some SEC documents. Elon Musk has really only mentioned Tesla stock price in 2 tweets in the past 2 years… and the first one caused some craziness. Now many people are asking me if this tweet will get him in major trouble especially with the SEC considering his past.

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  1. He is trolling all the unproductive fucks getting rich off his hard work (Investors like Buffet). I can see how he can resent these fucks that hoard all the money made off his intelligence. I would be bitter too.

  2. hes an alien making a rocket to go home , or an alien trying to save earth while he is here long enough to fly home …..

  3. But he knows every little thing that's happening at Tesla, so he has much more information than the general public. And with that information he could better judge if the stock is too high or too low.

    However, Musk is not an investor and doesn't know exactly how the stock market works, so his opinion isn't more important than others opinion, this is my opinion.

  4. Wait what? Tsla shareholders don’t know Tesla China?
    Can you confirm Jeremy?
    See this tweet:

  5. I just realized from the before and after photos that Elon must have been replaced a few years ago by an alien android. It explains everything… the aliens have created an idol that has captured the fascination and support of all of us while they gradually take over the world. The master plan will be to eventually have all of us driving self-driving Tesla vehicles… then one busy workday morning they’ll wipe out a huge percentage of the human population in car accidents…. leaving a much easier job for the alien invasion force.

  6. tesla stock would be in chaos if he is removed, whether it will be ultimately to the benefit or the detriment of the company

  7. He save 69 Million buying the 1% stock contract, on taxes thanks to the tweet. Great justice system. While we normal share holders have to take his SHIT. I sold all my stock, better CEOs that care about there share holders out there he clearly dont give a shit about you lossing money as long as he saves money. HE BAUGHT.

  8. I think at this point we want Elon Musk to say controversial things so we can buy Tesla shares at a discount. But that's been happening less and less, lately.

  9. Hear me out on this one…What if Elon’s tweets on May 1st about Tesla being overvalued, selling his houses and giving away his possessions were because he actually wanted Tesla stock to go down? He might just be crazy enough to try and manipulate the stock to fall because he didn’t want the big stock payout that he was set to receive on May 3rd. He is clearly trying to get rid of everything. So, what if he was trying to prevent being obligated to $720m shares for the next 5 years? I’m guessing that would be hard to prove, because people usually manipulate the market for financial gain but that man is crazy like a fox and he knows the power of his tweets. Could he be held responsible for manipulating the stock prices to avoid financial gain?

  10. Holy smokus Jeremy! Revolve is up 35% today. I have Fastly also which went up 48% yesterday!!! You are the MAN!

  11. I was hoping the comment would cause the stock to drop to $350 again so I could buy more. I'm going to assume that he means it is too high for the average american to be able to invest in his company in which case that is strikingly accurate. The average american doesn't even have $1000 in emergency savings so with the stock floating around $800/share I doubt that the average american has the spare funds to throw at it and of course he wants as many people investing in the company as possible.

  12. Dropping the stock price in order to complete buybacks could be a potential reason for the SEC to go after him.
    It was clearly unwise to put it mildly.

  13. Are we transferring wealth to the countries that manufacture consumer junk that everyone is buying online, at home with their "free" currency?….. Here comes China, our future world leader? 😅

  14. 3 minutes into the video and you have not mentioned why did he said that the price is too high, he said that because a famous short guy questioned Tesla's Q1 numbers, called out Elon and the CFO of the company for reporting numbers that didn't match reality


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