[EN] LG Wine Smart Quick Review [4K]


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[EN] LG Wine Smart Quick Review [4K]

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  1. Well, this phone is insane! I cannot believe it now that we have a full android phone but with keypad function but sadly my version of this phone is just android 4.4.2. To all guys who does not know how to screenshot with this, i will give you a tip:

    Press and hold power key, volume down and home key in the same time to get a screenshot

  2. My cuz has one and can not hear it ring and can not get phone messages by telling it and he does not want voice command

  3. why do you keep saying the microphone is far away? hold it where you want to, people use headsets everyday and the microphone is a foot away

  4. Would this work in the US on Verizon or T-Mobile? I actually really want this phone but don't want to pay so much for it if it won't work on any networks here in the US

  5. Can you remove "stupid" search bar and icons from phone background? No need to throw that to our face in such way.

  6. this is a smartphone inside of a flip phone so this is basically a hybrid 😂

  7. if i watched this video earlier i wouldn't have bought this phone… What's the point if the phone doesn't support t9???

  8. Will the letters in the button wear out over time? Any owner of this phone can share their experience of this phone? Thank you 🙂

  9. I would much rather have a LG Wine Smart than a touch mobile.
    I'm using a button phone right now and i'm much happier with this mobile than i have ever had with a touch.

  10. Hello sir, great review. I want to buy one of this but I have a question. What are the difference between F480K and D486 ? I almost bought the F480 but then i found that D486 are cheaper than F480 about 30 to 60 usd. Any suggestion?

  11. This phone is targeting for specifically elders and handicapped.. according to this odd review /watch?v=cfjDCvVutKE
    Looks amazing tho, old school vs new school =)

  12. I think this phone is for businesses… Phone, text, email with the ability to install corporate apps.
    At least, it has the look for that. I would not be surprised to see someone in a suit answering a call with that.

  13. Can it install apps like Instagram and Virtual Space? Even if the keypad doesn't work for those apps will the touch screen still work with them?

  14. The idea of an android flip-phone is awesome but, man, this thing sucks. Why the fuck does it not have LED flash? Also, it looks ugly and outdated when it comes to hardware. If they made one for people other then the old farts it could be a game changer.

  15. You said "If your are waiting for a flip phone, this is not the best choice".
    Does that mean there are other flip phones with android? Because I would be interested but this is the only one I ve heard of.

    Also, do you happen to know which of the most popular apps do work with keypad? (whatsup, spotify and maps hopefully?)


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