Feature Match from the 2013 Kaijudo Summer Championship Finals


See how it all went down between our first and second place finishers at the 2013 Kaijudo Summer Championship in Seattle. Carl Reddish (aka Thundersultan) takes us through a lighting fast match of skill between two great friends, and amazing players, in the final match of the Champs. Don’t miss it!

Winning Deck List from Bobby B. – Leviathan Control
3 Lyra, the Blazing Sun
3 Andromeda of the Citadel
3 Stormspark Blast
3 Keeper of Laws
2 Toxic Fog
3 Fumes
3 Terror Pit
3 Mesmerize
3 Bone Blades
1 Dark Return
3 Bottle of Wishes
3 King Coral
3 Crystal Memory
2 King Neptas
3 King Tritonus
3 Squillace Scourge
3 Grip of Despair
3 Aqua Strider
3 Piercing Judgment
1 Wave Lancer

Robby S. 2nd Place Deck List – ‘Birds of War’
3 Infernus the Awakened
2 General Skycrusher
1 Tatsurion the Unchained
1 Tatsurion
3 Herald of Infernus
3 Hyperspeed Dragon
3 Andromeda of the Citadel
3 Lyra, the Blazing Sun
3 Stormspark Blast
3 Lux
3 Bottle of Wishes
3 Nix
1 Dreadclaw, Dark Herald
3 Terror Pit
3 Bone Blades
1 Umbra
2 Grip of Despair
3 Piercing Judgment
2 Shadeblaze the Corruptor

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  1. I have a question, does a creature can choose to attack a shield/player directly even when there's a creature on the opponent's side, or do you have to destroy all your opponent's monsters first like in Yugioh?

  2. I agree, bring this game back! I loved this game and we were building something pretty good at our local game store, we were hoping for a KMC there some day soon.

  3. You know what would've been cool, if they used stock footage from Duel Masters for the creature summons and attacks to make it a little bit more interesting… don't you think?

  4. Unlike most CCG players these guys actually look genuinely happy, like they're having fun. That's actually refreshing. I remember when this game was marketed as "Duel Masters", but then mysteriously went away (maybe a trademark dispute with Yugioh and the proximity to "Duel Monsters"?). I found the resource system and shield cards to be a wonderfully refreshing mechanic.

  5. Dear Wizards of The Coast, fuck you. No seriously, fuck you. We finally get a game that we enjoy out of you (some people just don't like Magic The Gathering alright?) We finally get an alternative to Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Magic, and then you cancel it! If you wanted people to watch your cartoon you shouldn't have put it on a network as OBSCURE as Hub! (No hate to hub, they're pretty much the only channel that shows Batman Beyond which i dig) You had little to NO advertising in this product. People STILL played it. This isn't our fault guys, it's Wizard's fault. So yeah. Screw Wizards of The Coast. PS. I WILL NEVER PLAY MAGIC. Boom.

  6. hey ppl i love kaijudo so im just spreading the word about this petition please sign https://www.change.org/petitions/wizards-of-the-coast-renew-kaijudo-for-a-season-3-movie#share 

  7. So I have Bobby's King Tritanus sign and dated that was used in this that I won in a raffle today from the store he started at. Since I don't play the game, (I just played for fun and happened to win it) anyone know where I could go to sell it? Mainly cuz I'd never use it and I'm sure someone else would appreciate it more. If interested or know where to go, please let me know.


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