FIRST KISS?! | ISLAND CHALLENGE – The Little Mermaid Ep.3


Today on Part 3 of The Island Challenge (Little Mermaid) Edition, Ariel gets to know Eric more and they have their FIRST KISS?? Also the Gods provide us with a gift! The Sims 4 Island Living
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Far away in the Simsian Sea lies a tropical island without a name. It is home of two gods. One is the red fire god Llamatipoca who lives in the volcano of the island and is an unforgiving short tempered god who constantly ask for favors, rituals and offerings to still his hunger for attention. The other one is the absolute counterpart of the volcano god. It’s appearance is so beautiful that there is no comparison of beauty in the universe. It’s the wise white god of light, fertility and humor. They say it answers to the name of “Player.” This god wants that every plant, animal and Sim living on the island flourishes and reaches its full potential. “Player” keeps the balance of nature on the island and watches over every single being that lives on it. Especially the Sims.

The Prophecy
It is said that one day, two Sims will reach the island and the final battle of the gods begins. Both gods will work wonders and miracles to change the course of fate of the island. They say that only 8 Sims who are master survivors will perform the ritual of all rituals and free the island of this battle and ascend to the heavens of glory.

GOAL: Have 8 Sims living on the island that are at least level 4 in fishing, fitness and gardening. The challenge fails if all Sims are dead so keep them alive!

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  1. Wonder who is gonna get that code, let the speed games begin!
    (I already have the pack so I'm here just for fun and the video xD)


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