Flask Hero!


Quick summary:

Cast while channeling and cyclone is used to cast volatile dead. When it destroys a corpse, the Soulwrest summons a phantasm. Once there are 10, any phantasm summoned after kills and replaces the last one, causing use to take 350 damage for each one. This will proc cwdt unearth and make an endless cycle.

Indigon gives 10% life when u use a mana flask.

Being a scion PF makes it so that we gain flasks constantly and it only costs 1 charge to use each flask

Nguồn: https://sangoivon.vn

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  1. No Chicken nugget guy showcase .. I'm a little disappointed
    Edit: I just realized I'm not watching eirikeiken .. great work dude

  2. It's not 1 charge? The 3 charges consumed already takes into account chemist's

    Flask charges are not whole numbers btw


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