Flesh Feast Gameplay [1080p HD]


Gameplay of Flesh Feast PC made in 1998 by Segasoft
Its a pretty rare and forgotten game, to be honest its kind of shit Im thinking about making a review “Angry video game nerd style” as its just that terrible enough to get a review that style! xD Also the rar files have instructions and a readme file for people who fail at times. Also you MUST download all parts of it….to make it the one whole file…its been split into files (as the limit is 200MB) and means a quicker download for you!

Download Link: Video gets 100 likes I will upload it (If it doesn’t, its for the better)

Edit: 25, good enough here is the link (BIN + CUE files) saved by me off my physical copy (clean).

Nguồn: https://sangoivon.vn

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  1. I'd seen this game in a magazine as a kid and always wanted to play it but my computer wasn't fast enough at the time, so I never bought it. Years later, I couldn't even find a pirated copy, lol. The game does suck, haha.

  2. I got the pc version for cheap off ebay years ago just out of curiosity.  I had seen print ads for it in magazines back before I ever played RE2 and gave a crap about zombies.   the version that I played was just barely playable.  I don't remember any cinemas and the interface looked different.   

  3. Worst comes to worst, you can always watch them off the CD 😉 I also have them uploaded on here (I think all of them).

  4. Ah great hm, no idea It may be due to its compatibly options, the only other thing I can really think of is maybe trying to install a virtual Windows 98/XP machine (if you know how?) and trying it through that.

  5. All good, was going to suggest that haha. Its not 100% working on mine on windows 7, but I have an older PC that it works fine on (I think). I have yet to try it on another PC I have (which is terrible and I might even expect it wont run good on it haha).

  6. I bought the original big box version sealed, on ebay for 20 bucks, I'm using windows 7 and I got it working again by changing the compatibility settings. Thanks for the help though!

  7. Hm real copy or downloaded? What Windows are you using e.g. XP, Vista, 7, 8? And have you done anything to get it to run on a modern PC (if you are using a modern PC?).

  8. I need some help here, Everytime I try to play the lab level the game crashes. I Already completed the first 2 sectors. I cant stop now!

  9. Thats where I found my copy (dont know why I didnt get told about this, sorry if ive already commented on this saying the exact same thing).

  10. Haha wow, I never seen any adverts of it.
    Only way I found out about this was being on an old demo disc "So fresh" xD

  11. The version I had the guy with the mask for some reason, didnt have a mask or claw. He wore white pants and shirt and bright red shoes and he had yellow hair…and would appear to grown gigantic if you won with him doing some werid scream xD. Haha thanks, dont think I will bother..l.unless I get into an old game mood (been playing some dos games such as Jill of the jungle, Commander Keen – keen dreams and Catacomb abyss xD

  12. Haha yeah same xD I was like now ill never get to play it…saw it years ago in another small town. Still wasnt allowed to play it T_T but ah well finally got to do it (thanks to M.A.M.E.) There is a PS3 emulator, just doesnt work very good or at all xD. Haha yeah thats true, I'm guessing it would of been alot better playing them on the actual machines xD Yeah ive got a big list of fighting games (got it off a mate) for mame. Had SF II on my PC..but no other version ive seen, it was different.

  13. Haha xD same thing with me jeez I cant remember how old I was but, I wanted to play this TMNT arcade machine and mum kept saying next time…I never got a go of it..but years later with an arcade emulator bam! haha its not too bad its better with a friend. But yes I get what you mean its not the same as playing it on the tv (bit the same with a PS2 emulator, doesnt always work so great with some games xD)

  14. Haha yeah I know exactly what you mean plus, I think it helps if you use to play it alot (or a bit) back when it was "new". I have played games I always wanted to play but never could at the time and im just like uhhh…yeah nah haha would like to like/love it but im years late and a part of me just cant seem to like it or get into it xD


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