Game Grumps Charity Speedpaint!


We all painted Munny figures to be donated to the Extra Life charity! Bid on them in the links below! All money goes straight to Extra Life.

Bid on Arin’s ►
Bid on Suzy’s ►
Bid on Danny’s ►
Bid on Barry’s ►
Bid on Ross’ ►
Bid on Brian’s ►

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  1. Legends say that if all the Grump Munnys are gathered in one room, Barry will rise in your current location and scrëm.

  2. suzy with this awesome detailed art, and arin with his kickass cartoony shit. dan and barry made an attempt, ross flubbed for a sec, but fixed it up in the end, and brian is a dick.

  3. Everyone is talking about Suzy's Munny (which is amazing), but I really loved Arin's cartoony approach to it.

  4. This was a very good idea for a charity event! If I could paint and draw that well, I would definitely put my talent toward something that helps other people.

  5. Suzy mentioning the tool album was cool, it's always nice to get a new perspective on the personalities of the Game Grump crew


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