Game Grumps for Charity!


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Bidding ends August 28th!!

Don’t see a game you want? You can always donate directly to Child’s Play at

If you have any questions, there is an FAQ on the Game Grumps Subreddit!

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  1. Danny, cut your hair down to this length. What happened to "I will cut my hair" and "I HOPE a girl get's it"?

  2. I wonder if they still sell their duplicates and donate the proceeds every once in a while. If they don't, I think they should. I'm not implying they're jerks for not doing it; I'm just saying that since they probably still get duplicate games, it would be a nice way to keep their collection clutter-free.

  3. I just noticed Danny's "8 Bits of Christmas" t-shirt, a fun album I downloaded waaaaay back in like 2006, or something. It's strange, because I'm not even really into Christmas music, but I do love chiptunes, so sh'whatevs.

  4. I started a donation to Child's play on facebook for my birthday. I hope they are still doin the thing with the thing for the thing.

  5. Wow….that's actually…pretty awesome!….imagine all those kids without anything to do…that are in really shitty situations…now atleast have awesome video games!…good work!


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