Game Theory: Doki Doki's Buffest Meme EXPOSED (Doki Doki Literature Club Memes)


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Doki Doki Literature Club has spawned many creative fan interpretations since it’s release. It’s a game that really was able to write it’s way into your heart, so to speak. One of the most…interesting memes to come out of the game is that of “Buffsuki”. The meme where tiny, fierce Natsuki is transformed into a MUSCLE MACHINE. What I wanted to know is, could that really happen? How BUFF could Natsuki REALLY GET? Today, Loyal Theorists, we find out!

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  1. Matt, I understand you when you decypher many theories.. but.. don't you think this is just a bit too far?

  2. me on the phone ordering stuff to help me grow and then when i hear him say it's deadly U>U O>O NOPE hello my i have my money back XD

  3. Buffsuki meme: exists

    Matpat: Okay so let’s get into the science of how that may be physically possible


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