Genre Bending RTS FPS – Savage Resurrection


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A cult classic from the tail end of the Second Golden Age of gaming returns with Savage Resurrection. Combining FPS and RTS gameplay, Savage was well ahead of it’s time in 2003. Well, today is today, and Savage has returned, rising from the ashes like a phoenix, now on the stunning Unreal 4 Engine. This is a good game that right now doesn’t have a playerbase, it’s a shame to let it just sit there. Give it a try if you’re interested.

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  1. this sorta genre are what i had in mind for a good long while ago also the combinations of ARPG-RTS.. definitely going to tray this game.. 🙂

  2. Used to play the previous game, Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, competetive. Sadly the Savage Resurrection was more a recreation of Savage: The Battle for Newerth.

  3. Put this shit in a playlist for it to be easy to find, like all things not counterstike that's not in a playlist is impossible to find like your nuclear throne unless you actually took that down

  4. level has nothing to do with the damage you do it is still based off unit type, the only thing I actually ever seen level do in terms of combat is give a bit more HP, as for the beast he either has a rabid or the teeth item that heals on impact but judging from the leaps I will say its a rabid, it heals and restores stamina upon successful hits(restoring 1 leap), ranged weapons just suck when you cant lock down the target in a mob and he can use collision to avoid fireshots or some of them

  5. The game is still ahead of its time. I actually cant understand why people dont play it. I mean right now its dead, which pretty much makes it impossible to find games and I dont think that people will start playing it again, but the concept is really good. I had a similar idea of putting players together in a game playing different genres in the same game.
    The only problem I could think of are technical difficulties, like bad optimisation or something, but other than that the game looks 100/10.

  6. It's free now actually pretty fun just started ppaying with some friends as a break from cs still no one playing it though haha

  7. S2Games have always made their games available for Linux… but not that one. Rookie mistake, S2Games, rookie mistake… don't be surprised if the game doesn't take off, they've pretty much betrayed their original user-base. Sure, Heroes of Newerth players were mostly Windows users, but the original Savage series was very popular in the Linux gaming community (as small as that community may be).

  8. You were using a Tier 2 unit and he was using a Tier 3, levels are insignificant, and he was being healed by comm.

  9. does savage Resurrection even has a player base? I never seen anything other than 3 ppl and bots around these days


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