Ghosts are Secretly EVIL?! – Destiny 2 (Theory)


A Guardian’s Ghost is their loyal companion. Whether it’s opening Hive Runes, deciphering Vex confluxes, or delivering some comic relief, the Ghost has always remained one of Destiny’s most important characters. In Destiny 2, the voice of your character is gone, and, according to this theory, this can have a much more sinister purpose than we think.

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Ghosts are Secretly EVIL?! – Destiny 2 (Theory)
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  1. I'm seriously considering making this image I made into a full blown trailer spoof lmao. What do you guys think?

  2. i think its an interesting theory but i dont believe its true/bungie will do anything like this. i feel like the reason the vanguards ghosts' never speak is because the story line doesnt require them to. in cutscenes the important characters are cayde, zavala, ikora, etc. its the same reason we dont see ana brays ghost. they're just not important. bungie has chosen to make our guardian silent and has our ghost speak for us, im not sure why, but thats what they've gone with. we also play the game in first person so its obvious why we see our ghost talk so much but not others. the vanguards ghosts', for example, has nothing to say to our guardian. to them we're just another guardian.

  3. Sadly dude I think that the whole guardian being taken over by there ghost has been disproven by the new dlc, when Cayde-6 is recording all his messages for the people he thought would kill him, In Hawthorn recording he says his ghost laughed at him when he said he wanted to record one for her. I suspect that I might be wrong or something like that but if you spot any problems to this pls point them out

  4. Your ghosts is you, when they speak it's the guardian speaking, just through the mechanical body of the ghost(just a theory)

  5. personally, i think your gaurdian is mute so he talks through his ghost, and your ghost is more talkative than others

  6. Ok so you know how in most games you’re character doesn’t talk for example grand theft auto online you’re character doesn’t talk even when a person talk to you


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