How To Fix MTP Driver Problem




Today in this video we will show you “How to fix MTP USB driver problem”. So let’s check it out.

To fix MTP(Media Transfer Protocol) USB driver Problem “A service installation section in this INF is invalid”. Just follow the videos or follow the instruction given below

1. Right Click On My Computer.
2. Then Click On Manage.
3. After That Click On Device Manger.
4. Then Right Click On Unknown Device. “YOUR PCOther DevicesUnknown device”
5. Then Click On Update Driver Software.
6. After That Click On “Browse my computer for driver software”.
7. Click On Browse.
8. Go To C:WindowsInf
9. Then Click On OK.
10. Then Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
11. Select ‘Android Phone’/’Mobile Devices’ Then Click ON Next.
12. Select ‘MTP USB Device’ Then Click On Next.
13. Your Computer Will Install The Driver Then You Will Find That Your Android Is Connected To Your Computer.

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  1. I swear u are a trueee leegeeenndd…I found it "Samsung phone" not android phone…but it's okay…helped alottt thxx

  2. Thanks guy.
    I tried many times and times and times and wasted many time about MTP Driver problem.
    But I can find this youtube video and 5minutes to solve my trouble.

  3. omg! thank you so much! it worked! i've been watching several tutorials and none of them works.., thank you! keep it up! 🙂

  4. great and simple way, it has worked perfectly, i have tried n number of ways but failed. but this process is simple and works. thank you so much

  5. Works for me thanks, remember to open developer menu and enabled debugging option (also use OEM device or Original only to allow this step to succed, 3rd party tool can cause harm)
    Phone RMX1971


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