HOW TO PLAY SHACO LIKE A PRO IN 19 Minutes – Shaco Jungle Commentary Guide – League of Legends


How to Play Shaco like a pro in 19 minutes! After watching this video you will know everything to be able to play Shaco Jungle with high proficiency (At least at a Low mid Diamond level!) Shaco Jungle Tutorial Guide League of Legends. This Shaco Jungle Guide includes: Pathing, Runes, Items, Early Game, Mid Game, Late Game, Tips and Tricks and MUCH MORE!
AP Shaco Jungle Guide
Shaco Jungle Guide 9.20

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  1. Thanks bro <3 got me some wins with him
    🙂 Oh and, what items do u reccomend For the optional Block?? I am Needing haaalpp 🙁

  2. I think I'm at the point that videos don't help. I know all this about him I've mained him for awhile now. I guess it's telling me I'm doing things right.

  3. great video, please watch this one for a great player too
    please support him

  4. can u make an updated guide on this as the 1-minute boxes are now 40 seconds
    also currents practice tool is locked for me so I can't experiment. Thx and much appreciated.! in advance.

  5. thanks to you I was able to get into gold, I main WW jungle or MF bot but I like traps and teemos just a cancer but I think shaco is better when it comes down to technical fights and its easier to do hit and runs.

  6. There is a good move you can learn. Basically, Shaco's ult will teleport to him when it goes out of certain range. what you can do, is time it so that when you q towards a target, your ult pops up making it look like you just blundered. They kill your ult and boom. You can also just do this under a tower at lower health if you are assisting a tower dive. Thanks for the vid!
    It is also good to know that shaco's ult gets more powerful at low health in the sense that it can die very quickly.
    You can also do the move above with a high health ult if you know when your ult is gonna pop off because of cd.


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