– Link Download Cheat Code:

– Download game:

– 1.Extract the file “Assembly-CSharp.dll”
2.Replace the existing file in: “AQE_v0.13A_64AlienQuest-EVE_64_DataManaged”
3.Enjoy the cheats

– Cheat Hotkeys:

F2: Set HP & MaxHP to 9999
F3: Set MP & MaxMP to 9999
F4: Set stat points to 999
F5: Unlock all abilities
F6: Unlock all skills
F7: Unlock all weapons
F8: Add 1 of each bonus item
F9: Unlock all cards
F10: Set HP to 1
F11: Unlock all teleports
Backspace: Toggle clothes on/off

– Alien Quest: Eve [v1.01]:

– Cheat code to V1.01:

– How to download when link drive limited:

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