How to use Sony a6000 Kit Lens + Sony 16-50mm


In this tutorial I show you how to use the Sony 16-50mm kit lens that came with your Sony a6000. I go over some very important concepts to help you understand your settings. We cover focal length, lens information, minimum focusing distance, variable aperture zoom, constant aperture zoom, maximum aperture, minimum aperture, prime lenses, zoom lenses, and so much more. I then cover a handful of scenarios using the kit lens.


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02:33 | Focal Length
05:02 | Lens Information
07:12 | Minimum Focusing Distance
09:37 | Variable/Constant Aperture Zoom
18:48 | Maximum Aperture
24:10 | Steps to Taking Photos
28:56 | Indoor Scenario Photos
37:00 | Oudtoor Scenario Photos

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  1. 👇Products Mentioned in the Video👇
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    ✅ Sony 50mm f1.8 OSS |
    ✅ Sony 50mm f1.8 FE |
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  2. 8:40 Better do the experiment with just 1 eye, to not be confused about the issue being about getting cross-eyed. Because it isn't. It's just our eye's natural minimum focusing distance, exactly like the camera lenses.

  3. What does (mm -+ 2) and does it also mean when it blinks? I’m a beginner, just got my A6000 last 2wks. Anybody can help answer my question plse.

  4. Hello, Thanks for the video! I just buyed this camera and this is the BEST EXPLANATION VIDEO I've seen. Thank you

  5. anyone have overheating issue while shooting video? my a6000 can only record 20min max before system automatic shutdown.

  6. 38:45 why did he end up using a shutter speed at 1/160 and 1/250 after preaching about it should be at least 1/focal length? The subject is not moving.

  7. I am new to Sony cameras and I am trying to decide between two kit lenses as my first lense ever: 18-55 vs 16-50. Any suggestions which one to get? Thank you!

  8. This lense vs. Meike 35mm f 1.4 ? Which one is better for beginners who wants to use it for blogging and private use (travelling)?

  9. Are you a teacher or something? You have a vibe of a college professor.
    And you just earned yourself a subscriber👍

  10. I want to thank you for this presentation. I am 77 years old and this site of your has given me the ability to enjoy m a6000.

  11. Hi, I realized that when you are pressing down on the camera button ur focus area changes from Flexi to Zone/Wide automatically, how do you set that?

  12. Thanks a lot! I've only recently bought an my first camera, being the A6000. I've already watched a bunch of videos and I thought I knew most of the stuff before watching this one. But still managed to learn some new things. So thank you!

  13. thanks man, just bought a6000 and want to make it my hobby. This video really help me to understand it

  14. What's going on with the a6000? Great video, but I need help troubleshooting. I watched your guide and all my pics are blurry. I've used tripod, P mode. M mode. And every focus feature. When you crop into my pictures they look like water paints or double vision. I've been using dslr for 5 years. I'm not a novice. Have you had this problem too? Lots of folks on reddit with same problem.

  15. I'm watching this and my a6300 haven't even came yet. Good video, I'm definitely forward for more "sony a6000 – A6500" content

  16. thanks for the video bro…. super clear and easy, i have a quastion regarding your explanation at min.(11:00) or around that time… what if i go with full manual mode, is iit gonna solve the darkness problem regarding the variable lenses ?

  17. Best informative video on camera basics for the a6000 yet. Thanks a lot camera guy! You are very thorough and all the info was very relevant. Keep it up

  18. I have thought on buying this camera, is it worth to buy along the kit lens? or just buy the prime lens? Thought maybe I will be saving a bit

  19. I bought a camera but don't even know how to use it settings😂 I watched your video, then I realized that I actually have a brain 😯 Thank you so much to your video. As in! It was very helpful. 😊👏👏👏👏👏

  20. This was an OUTSTANDING VIDEO…I learned so much, thanks…I was on the verge of upgrading my a6000 to the a6400 thinking it was the camera…no it's me and I need to upgrade my skills with the camera I have!


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