An explanation of how walking through walls would actually look like if you could move in 4D, using the 4D video-game Miegakure (
For more details, see this blog post:

* We will make more videos explaining the fourth dimension using the game. Subscribe to the channel if you are interested!

* In this game the fourth dimension is not time, it is a fourth dimension of space. So if you count time the game is a 5D game. It is a correct representation of a fourth spatial dimension.

* Yeah it’s actually “around” walls, not “through!”

* There are *infinitely* many 3D worlds stacked on top of each other, even if in the introductory Wall Level the ground texture makes it seem like there are only two. A more complex example is the shape at the beginning of the trailer, which is a true 4D shape called the 120 Cell, as explained here:

* From the perspective of a regular 3D observer standing next to the wall the player character would suddenly disappear, and a few moments later reappear on the other side of the wall.

* See also: Flatland (


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