How to walk through walls using the 4th Dimension [Miegakure: a 4D game]


An explanation of how walking through walls would actually look like if you could move in 4D, using the 4D video-game Miegakure (
For more details, see this blog post:

* We will make more videos explaining the fourth dimension using the game. Subscribe to the channel if you are interested!

* In this game the fourth dimension is not time, it is a fourth dimension of space. So if you count time the game is a 5D game. It is a correct representation of a fourth spatial dimension.

* Yeah it’s actually “around” walls, not “through!”

* There are *infinitely* many 3D worlds stacked on top of each other, even if in the introductory Wall Level the ground texture makes it seem like there are only two. A more complex example is the shape at the beginning of the trailer, which is a true 4D shape called the 120 Cell, as explained here:

* From the perspective of a regular 3D observer standing next to the wall the player character would suddenly disappear, and a few moments later reappear on the other side of the wall.

* See also: Flatland (


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  1. Alright here’s the visualisation: the 2 dimensional characters limitation was an inability to perceive the third dimension as a whole, only perceiving a 2 dimensional reality with a one dimensional perspective, length, experiencing three dimensional objects like a ball, as a singular line, that ball pushed through the 2 dimension, only appearing as a line growing inexplicably larger, smaller, then popping out of visibility: a cross section. So our character moved around the wall in a dimension other than just length, but also width, horizontally. He was limited in observing width, so by traveling in width, he was able to simply walk around the wall as the wall existed only in length on a 2 dimensional plane. We are limited by a third dimensional perspective, so how might we side step a wall, if width height and length already all exist for us on one plane. Time. The 4th dimension is a temporal dimension, we observe time at a cross section in the third dimension, from continuously moving moments in three dimensional space, but in the 4th dimension, you can observe it all at once. So you side step to another point along the timeline, another point of three dimensional space to where the wall possibility hadn’t been erected yet. You exit out of perceiving time at a cross section, to perceiving it as a whole, all at once, and then choosing another point along the timeline by which you will enter into through back into the third dimension. That’s the turning sideways, we’re limited by perceiving time as a whole, all at once, here, not there. Let me help to better convey this image of possibly existing outside of the present. If you have an ant on one end of a paper and fold it that paper in a cylindrical like form, the ant can easily cross over to another point on that paper, far away, because it was folded through the third dimension (hypothetically our ant is 2 dimensional and can move, and only was moving in a slow straight line across the length of the paper).
    So that’s how to visualise it. Now, the 5th dimension, that’s a different story 🙂

  2. I appreciate the effort by you. Really I do! But how is this useful in ones daily life. Are you saying by knowing this we can navigate through elements which other wise is impossible. If yes, than why hasn't human naturally found the litany to do so. We are able to this in 3d no matter how far back you go in time. All human kind knew 3d right? They may not know what it's called but still could use 3d as their daily basis navigator.

  3. The desert, and wall rubble… and if we assume time is th3 4th dimension, it seems like the character time traveled to the future at the same spot, when the wall is already breakdown.. walk past it, and traveled back when the wall is still there.

  4. The rubble that fell off four dimensionally is really giving people the wrong idea.
    TO EVERYONE: The fourth dimension is not TIME, it is a spatial dimension. It has been explained as a spatial dimension in the sense a direction we cannot comprehend. We can move in north-south, east-west, up-down. The fourth dimension can be thought of as a direction that goes ana-kata, two new directions. The character has the ability to magically rotate themself so that north-south becomes ana-kata for them, and they can move to a parallel 3D space where it just so happens that some rubble from the wall has fallen into. It's not TIME, it's SPACE. A 4D rock hit the 4D wall and knocked rubble into the next plane, which the character then sees when moving 4 dimensionally. It's not the wall in the future eroded, and the desert is simply a desert that happens to be next to the wall 4 dimensionally.

  5. Next, make a game where time has two dimensions!
    So, if this game is 4+1 dimensions (4 space, 1 time), make one with 3+2 dimensions (3 space, 2 time) or even just 2+2 dimensions (2 space, 2 time).

  6. I just come back to this video for the music lol. Pleaaaaase release this game soon! and the soundtrack haha

  7. So in the 4th dimention, you have the ability to literally layer the environment you are in right? Like peeling an apple to get rid of rotten layer. Which in this case; an obsticle. Is that it or my brain trying to simply this in order to make sense of it?

  8. ok ok, 4d is time but this game is not 5d, 4d is time and i see that desert as the past you went to, proved 4d is time…… well space-time

  9. I get this and all… But don't people always say that "time" is the 4th dimension?
    So does it just depend on who you ask?

  10. Damn, i’ve thought about this a long time. I actually managed to imagine a 4 dimensional sphere, as i believe a 4 dimensional camera would see it.

  11. Since the fourth dimension is time, I always imagined a 4D person to be able to travel time. So he would get around the wall by "sidestepping" back in time when the wall wasn't built yet and then walk over it and turn back. But I just looked up the fourth dimension on wikipedia and that might not be a great explanation.

  12. bez piąty wymiar i od 0 do 4 wymiar na ziemi. poza kosmosem jest piąty wymiar.minus 1 wymiar <…< zero wymiar ma zero metrów i bez pierwszy wymiar <…< czarna dziura 1D <…< rzeczy mają od 0 do 1 wymiar i bez drugi wymiar <…< czarna dziura 2D<…< rzeczy mają od 0 do 2 wymiary i bez trzeci wymiar<…< czarna dziura 2D<…< rzeczy mają od 0 do 3 wymiar i bez czwarty wymiar<…< czarna dziura 4D <…< string < kwarki < proton , neutron i eletron < atom < dna<geny < chromosy < jądra < Komórka < rzeczy mają od 0 do 4 wymiary i bez piąty wymiarów i ludzie < ziemia < galaktyki < kosmos <… < 5 wymiarów < …< 6 wymiarów < …< 7 wymiarów <…< 8 wymiarów < …< 9 wymiarów <…< 10 wymiarów < … … … < nieskończony wymiarów. poza czarnym dziura są 5 wymiarów i poza kosmosem jest piąty wymiarów.

  13. but… it is a so easy concept.. start thinking about eleventh dimension, that is a very complicated plane of imagination

  14. It's almost like the thing in the game evoland where there is a wall that is only a few inches tall but it blocks you entirely until you unlock 3d mode

  15. To put it simply its just 2 worlds if you change your old guy is a ghost and can move without restriction but now you in the other world with restriction now you change now you replace your ghost and your ghost replace you its easy to understand but also dumb on part for the dev.


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