Is The LG V30 The Most Underrated Smartphone?


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The LG V30 has a fancy new color. This one here is called Raspberry Rose. I realized that I haven’t done an unboxing of an LG smartphone in quite a while. So here we are the LG V30 in Raspberry Rose gets the Unbox Therapy treatment. What do you guys think, what’s your favorite feature on the V30? Would you consider purchasing it?


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  1. Had this phone before I got the Mate 30 Pro 5G. This was the last good phone they made up until the P60 pro with the second Screen.

  2. if it was apples and oranges.. *LG Apple vs *Pixel Oranges, id still be picking LG over Pixel, lots of Fans of LG out there… i mean any LG Product.. including smart phones.

  3. I had a LG V10 but then the CPU overheated, burnt my motherboard, and my phone died.
    Then my mom found a $1000 V30 online and I am glad she found it ever since.

  4. In complaining about "lower than expected volume" you missed the point about the DAC. The DAC is there to give great audio fidelity as well as to be able to drive high fidelity headphones and regular headphones alike.
    For example, I use a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro headphones rated at 250ohm. That 250ohm resistance is so high that all other phones simply don't have the power to drive them. My ex iPhone 7 could barely provide any volume on them when turned up to max. The same goes for other phones. I'd have to use an external portable DAC plugged in between the iPhone and the headphones just to be able to use them.

    Not so with the V30. I can plug my headphones directly into the phone and it drives them VERY WELL and they get plenty loud.

    Remember that not all music is recorded at the same level. Some albums are softer from the recording. Others were recorded nice and loud.

    Overall the LG V30 and other LG's with this DAC are the only phones and to drive proper Pro headphones.

  5. Owned 1 LG before and it bricked within a month and couldn't get it replaced idk if I could ever give one a try again

  6. I'm underwhelmed. Sales guy convinced me to jump from my note 8 to v30 when I went in with a cracked screen. But I wish I chose the note 10+. This phone feels lesser to the note 8 even. So many things I don't like about it.
    Overall the v30 feels good not special. The fingerprint reader is fantastic tho.

  7. LG30 is the worst phone I have ever owned it broke in my pocket. I would never recommend their products to anyone ever!

  8. It definitely is. I have this phone for 2 years now and boy it is a beast, battery , processor you name it amazing phone I still dont want to replace it, it definitely outperforms all the iphones that were releases around the same time.

  9. My V30+ is just barely starting to slow down just a bit but I've had it since launch. It's been a reliable device even without frequent updates, would recommend.

  10. Last day using the LG V30. It was a VERY GOOD & DEPENDABLE phone even though the front camera is 🗑. I also never received software updates so I just went Note 9.

  11. I’ve used LG for several years. The G4-G6. Just now almost bought the G7 (I like saving $ and buying last year’s flagships), but the V30 caught my eye. I have T-Mobile anyway. I swear by LG’s!

  12. I started the video looking at a phone. I read a few comments and looked up , thought I was watching a new video about cars

  13. I have a LG V30+ thin Q. 256g . I love it..Had it for a year. I have not had any problems. Finger Print sensor is amazing. Only thing I have had to replace is charger port. Because dropped it while charging. Oops lol. Easy to replace.. ..

  14. I think the v30 is better because it's unique and has a surprisingly good camra with smooth swiping motions like the iPhone, the look is unique and the speed test is better


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