IU SUGA eight Lyrics (아이유 슈가 에잇 가사) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng]



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Artist: IU (아이유), Suga (슈가)
Track: eight (에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)
Album: eight
Release : 2020.05.06

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IU eight
아이유 eight
아이유 eight 가사
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아이유 방탄
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아이유 슈가
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슈가 에잇
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  1. The melody is very bright and exciting, but the lyrics give you a sense of sadness.
    It may be like a memory of a lost friend.
    Considering that the number 8 means infinity and repetition, she might say, "If I were with you, I would like this dream to be eternal."

    멜로디는 매우 밝고 유쾌하지만 가사에서는 애절함과 슬픔이 느껴진다. 
    그것은 잃어버린 친구를 향한 추억 같은 것일지도 모른다. 
    8이라는 숫자가 무한함과 반복을 의미한다는 것을 생각하면 그녀 입장에서는 "너와 함께라면 이 꿈이 악몽이라도 영원하길 바란다."라고 하는 것일지도 모른다.


  2. 들으면서 흥얼거리는데 그럴 때마다 자꾸 목소리가 흔들린다… ㅠㅠ 어떻게 이렇게 묘한 감동과 슬픔을 주지

  3. Wow IU and Suga made such a catchy song I can't take it out of my head ;-; but I luv it!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  4. This song reminds me of my Brother. He died some months ago…
    I have nothing to say…more than Now I only have BTS and ARMY in my Life
    Love you TaeTae😭

  5. Everything comes at will and leaves without saying goodbye
    people comes and go. the best will stay…
    sometimes they comes to teach you a lesson.
    keep moving foward and be stronger.

  6. I remeber when I was one of those stupid selfish Armies being like, “sToP dOiNg IU X BANGTAN sHIps” but now I regret it so badly… this song is amazing and honestly so relatable. One of my best friends I can’t see anymore because of this virus… I miss her so much.. Anyway to the person reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day and you are beautiful and you are worth everything in the world.
    I purple you 💜✨

  7. I now people want to interpret things differently but if the creator themselves say this is about them turning 28, please, let's keep it as what it is. I'd love it to be dedicated to Sulli and Jonghyun but it isn't. And that is okay. She doesn't have to still hold onto it and make music about it. She is allowed to heal and move on, and write about what she wants. Imo interpretation is in place when artist doesn't state what things are, so it's left for interpretation. But this isn't. The girls in the video are said to be different versions of herself, and the song is about her turning 28 (as both her and Suga are turning 28). I think the song is beautiful and meaningful even tho it is not what /we/ want it to be about. Different things, like growing older, are also scary and meaningful. We only have one youth. Can we please keep it as what it is, and not bring Sulli and Jonghyun into something where they aren't involved, out of respect for them, let them rest please and let IU make music about the stuff she wants and is currently going through. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


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