Kids Emergency Doctor – Fun Doctor Games for Kids


OMG! What’s inside Molly’s throat?! It looks like a GERM PARADE! No school for Molly today! Take care of her on her sick day & help her get all better. Take Molly to the doctor and play kids games with her so she doesn’t get too bored.

Molly’s not feeling well, and she needs your help to get better! Take care of her while she’s sick at home. Keep her entertained with lots of fun kids games and activities. Take her to the ear, nose and throat doctor, and use professional doctor tools! Put on a costume show with her and give her a warm bath!

Molly’s sick at home today and she needs you to take care of her!
Tons of coloring pages & kids games inside, including puzzles, spot the difference & more!
Molly has a sore throat! Help the throat doctor use a laser germ killer to get rid of those germs!
Oh no! She has an ear infection! Better take her to the ear doctor quick to get some ear drops!
Use real lab tools to make your own special medicine for poor, sick Molly!
Molly’s nose won’t stop running! Take her to the nose doctor & help her get better!
Molly’s getting bored – she needs some fun kids games! Build a tent and put on a costume show!
It’s lunchtime! Yummy soup always helps get rid of the flu! Feed Molly a delicious lunch.
Bathtime! Give her a warm bath and a cuddly robe when she comes out to keep her warm!
Time to get creative! Make a doll with Molly, put on an origami puppet show, and play fun kids games!

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