Lax-Mas 2015 Mini Stick Highlights


The Lax-Mas mini stick tournament is a charity event that benefits Fields of Growth and Uganda Lacrosse. We had a blast playing this year and we can’t wait till next year.

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  1. Hey ECD, Me and a bunch of friends were planning on doing a similar tourny, and wanted to know what kind of ball are you using b/c it looks like its soft enough yet you can still rip it. Thx

  2. It kinda look like you are just giants playing box, because of the mini sticks and the size of the court.

  3. Hey ECD, is there any way to get you to string my Lakota for me? Like Greg I cannot move on from that awesome head!

  4. You guys need to release the colored hero mesh already and not in March right before my season starts so I can get used to nonwax mesh


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