Let's Try Defy Gravity: A very short gravity game.


Flash games. They’re free, and most are on par or better.
It’s just 2 euros/bucks/whatever, so… if you like a challenge, maybe.
Else, this wasn’t something fun or something I’d want to do again sometime.

Anyway, this game is about pushing and pulling your way through a gauntlet to show how awesome you are with that gravity well shooter of yours. No day to be saved, no empire in distress. Just a test. For whatever reason.

One well pushes, the other pulls. You can only shoot two more in mid-air, and have a jetpack for an upward boost. Golden objects are also affected by the big G and pressing S will turn on your apathy shield.

Overall, this game is more a proof of concept than a game. The experience has left me feeling hallow and unsatisfied, like an empty pie or a countryside without crops and livestock.

It has challenge and there’s a lot of appeal to speed running, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like Super Meat Boy.

Despite some glaring hit box issues, the game is pretty lenient on checkpoints.

The graphics are… absent. Little variety and such. Yea, if you compare this to 60 dollar AAA games, 2 dollars for this? On par.
And that IS a stab at the AAA lack of quality/length.

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