LG G Pro 2 Review!


Buy LG G Pro 2: – LG’s update to the Optimus G Pro takes inspiration from the great LG G2. Is it more than just a bigger version of their flagship? Josh is here to figure that out.

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  1. I am using LG G pro2 D383. I want to hard rest my phone but following the procedure (volume down+power key) to hard rest on my phone 3 options appears on my phone in korean language i tried all these options nothing happen at all just phone gets start normally. Please help me do do this

  2. So..Later im gunna have to search for a newer physical button phone,until they come out with a newer model Which will be nothing like the first..LOL..duh..

  3. I'm calling foul on the battery life. I'm a heavy user and even using all day, mine never gets below 30%. Stop watching porn videos all day and your battery will last longer.

  4. LG G3 or LG PRO 2? I've seen both in personal and i fell inlove with the pro 2!!! but lot of people say i should get the G3 🙁 Can you guys give me some opinions on what should i get? And why? Thaaanks. 

  5. LG G Pro 2 or the LG G2

    is there anything different other than the screen size? because i checked both specs and they're pretty much the same IMO

  6. Hi can i ask about the wifi speed of this unit Lg g pro 2? 
    Is it fast? how about the range of wifi connection? because i already have an Lg optimus g pro before. F240l korean version. The wifi connection is so weak and slow. when i'm in my room i can't connect to wifi connection, But my secondary phone nexus S can connect and reach wifi in my room. 

  7. Hey friend how it fared Relationship them one battery life , I Had That 52 OR 57 hours of use , but the pace of high Display WAS ? and the intense USE OR WAS Almost None ? Thank you !

  8. I think your analysis of the battery is incorrect. I've gone through multiple forums for many phones before I decided to buy this and I've seen similar battery performance on most phones on "pretty high usage", except for may be the Z2 which is easily breakable as you've shown.

  9. hello everyone I'm Italian so I could write badly. I wanted to know how fluidity and stability and battery how it behaves compared to a known 3 What do you think of the support of LG? the phone bug? Thanks to all

  10. This LG devices doesn't support WiFi Direct sharing. The other device must be of LG. Using third party apps is just so uncomfortable… Not sure if LG is coming up with a update so as to use WiFi Direct sharing …

  11. Why do you guys, pocket now, techno buffalo or other reviewers all hate plastic backs? Shouldn't the software and or function of the phone be the most important? I could really care less what the phone was made out of

  12. I love this phone so much better then my old Samsung Note.  I just dont get why you always say size is a problem when anyone that would buy this phone is buying it FOR ITS SIZE.  If you want a small phone, why would you even consider it?  


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