LG G6 Review in 2020 Running Android Pie!


Here is my full review of the LG G6 running Android Pie where I talk about the battery, multitasking, app performance, gaming performance and the camera!

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  1. I loved the phones design and features, but the battery life was horrible. Such a beautiful design wasted in this model. If only it had today's specs in flagship phones.

  2. I have lg g6 h873 Canadian version.i'm in bd.now my device running in nougat os.i didn't get pie update.even I didn't get oreo update.if you know about this please help me.

  3. so what is the best android version for the lg g6? regarding fluidity, and performance in android games 7, 8 or 9?

  4. My fingerprint is super slow after updating to android 9. And phone is laggier overall.
    With older computers and newer windows versions, the computer runs smoother.
    With phones with each update the thing goes downhill to almost unusability

  5. After the Android 8 update, my G6's battery went downhill fast. Still a solid phone after three years though

  6. well.. if you want to game on this phone, why don't you clear the recent apps. sometimes it bogs down the performance when yoy have something in the background

  7. Hey , i have a G6 H870S and im in Iran , and im still on oreo when android pie will release for my region ?

  8. Hey man, thanks for review ! But i need to know how you did "pie" in your sprint model !? I mean where exactly in xda, can you give me the link pls ?
    Because i have same phone as you "Sprint model" and i want do upgrade safely..

  9. Just received the Android 10 update for my LG G8, hoping this means that they're gonna finally start updating software faster on Android. Loving the new gestures so far. Remind me of the iPhone X entirely though.

  10. LG G6 is an incredible value. It also has options for photographers that were removed in both the G7,G8 where you can Zoom objects fluently between both cameras on the G6. Also you can't video record on the G7,G8 and switch simultaneously between both cameras as you can on the G6.


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