LG Optimus G Pro Screen Repair & Disassemble


presents the LG Optimus G Pro Screen Repair & Disassemble video. This video will assist you in replacing a faulty touch screen, cracked LCD screen, or damaged screen assembly on your LG Optimus G Pro.

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  1. Ayúdenme con una duda por favor; ¿¿¿La mica táctil del Lg G Pro E986 es la misma que la del E980, E985 o la del F240??? Gracias de ante mano

  2. looks very straightforward. if I would have any suggestions – might be helpful to offer any tips on making sure replacement screen/digitizer is perfectly aligned. Otherwise your instructions were clear with out distracting unnecessary jargon. Also, do you know if the phone has a screen calibration utility?

    Well that all said before I attempt my replacement. Hopefully my replacement goes just as smooth.

  3. Thanks! That's a very helpful tutorial. One question. Does replacing touch screen digitizer mean replacing Gorilla glass as well?

  4. followed the instructions and everything looked fine ( the previous problem was malfunction touchscreen) after I reassembled the screen wont turned on though everything looked fine, turned it back to the old screen it's on but on the process i teared up the new touch screen cable.. but now it even wont charge nor read my battery..
    seems like my hands werent good at doing this

  5. Lmao I can't believe they way you take out the screen I had one of this and I took it so easily the screen is just there holding with a shitty glue it didn't need to warm it up I even got surprise ! When I did take it out on the front I didn't need to push it so lame it took me 5 sec

  6. I ordered it from your website and it got here real quick. (3 days with standard shipping) with tools and followed this video and got it working. Thanks. You just saved me a bunch of money, aha.

  7. Hoy le Cambie la Pantalla ice todo bien amigo Pero no prende. La Pantalla solo prende cuando le conecto el cable, se la quito y se pagan. Que sera???

  8. Can't even replace the digitizer (screen) on my own phone. All because of one damn little stripped screw. And yes, I tried everything at my disposal, and I don't feel like spending the money to do soldering or buying additional tools or all that. I don't understand why one stupid little screw would block me from replacing my own screen.

  9. if i follow this video to replace my screen would it be safe to say my back button an menu button will work or will it be possible they could be messed up in the process

  10. hello,i just gave my phone to a service center for replacing digitizer and they broke my lcd during the process. they say their is always 50% to break and its common,where as i have seen no mention of such possibilities anywhere on internet. what could be the reason that my lcd broke, the service center is big so i dont think they keep inexperienced people there. please give your opinion


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