My Lens Collection! – Sony a6000 (2018)


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Thanks so much for watching. All inks to all the lenses I talked about are below. What are some of YOUR favorite lenses? Or what about lenses you want but don’t yet have?!

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▶Sony 35mm 1.8 –

▶Sigma 16mm 1.4 –

▶Sony 18-105mm f4 G –

▶Sony 16-50mm f3.5-50mm –

▶Fotasy 35mm f1.7 –


Wish List Lenses!

▶Sony 85mm f1.8 BATIS –
▶Sony 85mm f1.4 G Master –
▶Samyang 12mm f2 –

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  1. Hey man. Just checking out your channel. Really enjoy it. You were the one who replied to me on Reddit about the a6000.

  2. Hi Kyle – is there any change to preferred lenses for the a6400? I mean, whatever your favorites are for the a6000, are they same for the a6400 (or even the a6100)

  3. I really like your channel! Have you tried moon shots? Is there any lens you recommend for that with the a6000. I just acquired the camera (you convinced me!) and would like to give a try.

  4. What you need for sony alpha is all the sigma lenses, the 18-105 sony lens and a good macro lens.
    These are all the sharpest APSc lenses.

  5. i have the sony a600 and currently use the kit lens, but i’m looking to buy a lens with nicer bokeh. i’m interested in travel/adventure photography. I’m thinking about maybe buying a wide angle and a zoom lens (or if one lens is versatile for wide and zoomed photos). any thoughts/recommendations? xx

  6. I am thinking of getting the Sony 35mm 1.8 used. What are the things I should look for when I'm buying a used lens? any tips for buying used lens?

  7. Hi, do you know of any kind of art lenses (like lensbaby) for the Sonya6000 that are also auto focus? Thanks!

  8. Hey man, great video!! I just got a a6000 and I want to shoot good youtube videos and also long distance photography, what would you recommend in lenses?

  9. Do you use external light for your videos?
    Like a lamp of some sort? Or can the a6000 handle low lighting that well?

  10. Just subscribed . I bought a6000. thinking about getting the sigma 16 dcdn . Thanks for the suggestion .can you please review samyang 12 mm ???

  11. i am more interested in watching a Hobby photgraper videos, than watching a professional photgraper.

    Because a Hobby photgraper can provide tips on accessories that match the average guy's wallet size.

    And the pictures look like something the average guy can achieve some day.

  12. You have to update your sigma lens on your computer that's what I did and the noise stopped with the update. You have to buy the sigma update doc


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